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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Preschooler's Growth and Development 3 to 5 year > Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 7-Month-Old)

Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 7-Month-Old)

Your preschooler at this age will be challenging you at every step with assertion of her independence. Find out how to deal with her meltdowns and raise a balanced child.
A new phase of development begins for your preschooler when she becomes more and more independent than before. She is an active explorer now and is developing her own likes and dislikes. Apart from her ability to say "NO" to things, she also discovers things around her independently.

Meltdowns of Preschoolers

Meltdowns or emotional regulations are one of the most challenging aspects of your preschooler’s growth and development. However, if you have developed a bonding since childhood, it shall be easier for you to deal with her meltdowns better. While she may be quick to say "NO", it will take her time to accept no from others.

Importance of Encouraging Preschoolers

This is the phase when she is going through rapid intellectual and physical developments. She is learning to cope with her friends in school and you shall be her best guide so you must provide right encouragement and support. If you want her to learn the skills fast, you need to serve as the basic teacher. Make sure she participates in active conversations, discussions and develop new concepts.

Your Preschooler and TV

Now, it will be very difficult to keep her away from the TV. What she watches and how much times she spends watching the TV are some aspects that you can control.
It will be wrong to say that watching the TV shall have only negative effects on her. There are many programs designed for preschoolers that are informative and has educational aspects to them. On the contrary, if she is exposed to the wrong types of programs, her chances of becoming violent and aggressive increases all the more.
She is still not capable of understanding the difference between the reel and the real. She shall love imitating her favourite cartoon characters. So, if the characters are doing something wrong, she shall learn that too.
If she gets addicted to the television, it shall become very difficult for you to engage her in other activities. Make sure to limit her viewing time and encourage her to participate in different activities. Healthy activities go a long way in helping her grow and develop well.
Too much of television also increases chances of obesity, aggressive behaviour and poorly developed social skills. Studies also suggest that preschoolers, who spend most of their time watching television, appear less cooperative and more depressed than those who spend little time in front of the television.
It is thus better to encourage her to watch programs that show how she needs to be good mannered or ways she should play with other children. So, look for programs that are developmentally right for her. It is thus very important that you make a conscious decision about how you should be using the television. If necessary, you can also seek help from her teachers in school.

Setting Limits for Your Preschooler

If you want to discipline your preschooler, you need to set reasonable limits. Setting limits is not only for disciplining her all the time; it is also to ensure her safety. Your preschooler shall be accepting the limitations willingly when she feels loved and cared for. Scolding or thrashing her to abide by your set rules shall only make things even more difficult for you.
Setting limits is a way of letting her know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable. Even though this might seem challenging, you must not give it up. You can talk to her teachers and doctor about the ways you can handle her temper tantrums. Professional guidance shall make things easier for you. You must also carefully watch the effects of your limitations on her. If necessary you can bring them up to your doctor as well.

What are challenges faced by parents of preschooler? How to deal with preschooler’s temper tantrums? How to discipline preschoolers? Discuss here.

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