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How to gain weight

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Are you envious of people who want to lose weight? You can easily gain weight by following simple tips regarding what to include in your weight gain plan.

While the whole world out there is killing itself to remain stick thin, a few may be worried about their thin frames. The good news is that gaining weight is much more effortless than losing weight. Weight gain is all about what you eat and not how much you eat. It is very important to have a balanced diet for gaining weight. You should also take care that you have proper timings for the meals that you have. It might happen that you eat a lot but you are not able to gain weight. So you should know whether what you eat is helping you gain weight or not.

There are times when you do not pay attention to your diet you may gain or lose weight. When you work at office or at home you follow certain rules and regulations. Even in schools and other intuitions you have to follow some rules. Same applies to your body also. When you want to gain or lose weight you should follow a proper structure of diet for your body. So if you want to gain weight all you need is some sound advice.

Tips for gaining weight

Here is a list of things that you can add on to your regular diet to gain weight. Following these simple tips will make your weight gaining program easier. If you are pregnant you should consult your doctor regarding your diet plan and suitable exercise.

  • Drink at least 2 glasses of milk each day. You can replace tea with a glass of milk

  • Eat bananas for gaining weight, you can have banana milkshake which is an easier way of including bananas in your diet

  • Avoid junk food, it is not a healthy way to gain weight

  • Drink lots of fruit juices which will help increase your calorie intake

  • Keep a record of your calorie intake each day. Try to increase your calorie intake by checking the record. Continue increasing your calorie intake until you experience aweight gain

  • Increase the proportion of starchy food in your diet like potato, sweet potato, corn etc. which are helpful for weight gain

  • Include fish, meat and legumes in your diet and increase the proportion of rice that you eat each day, have eggs for breakfast

  • Make sure that you eat lots of fruits and dry fruits

  • Include Finger millet (Ragi, Nachni) in your diet, it is a very rich source of iron, Nachni pudding or custard is good for putting on weight
If you are very serious about the timings of your meal, it will be very easier for you to gain weight. So be conscious about the timings and a balanced diet for increase in weight. It is also necessary that you sleep at the right time, avoid overnight studies and work. Along with all these things you should also exercise regularly or practice yoga so that the overall fitness of your body is maintained. Be careful about what you eat to stay healthy and fit. You will surely have somebody remark that you have put on weight.
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Rahul.11 months ago
i am providing ayurvedic medicine for weight gain in delhi 100% effective contact me **********....or on facebook ****@****.com
Rahul.11 months ago
i am providing ayurvedic medicine for weight gain in delhi 100% effective contact me **********
hussain.2 years ago
hussain.2 years ago
Shreenath vyas.2 years ago
thank u for tips i will try them.
shikha Dhawan.2 years ago
Really interesting article but I wonder why would some people want to gain weight when everybody else wants to lose it:)
Pooja Makhija.2 years ago
Thanks for sharing these tips with us. these are simple and easy tips and the weight gained by following these will be healthy one.
Yogesh.2 years ago
I have three glasses of milk daily and also increased my intake of carbohydrates and have 2 bananas a day but still I am not able to gain weight. Do I need some medicines or supplements?
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