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Balanced Diet

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A child should have well balanced diet to prevent him from infections and diseases. A balanced diet has all the nutrients required by a child in correct proportions foe a healthy growth. Here is a guide on balanced diet.

What is a balanced diet

A diet which contains all the nutrients e.g. energy, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals etc.  required by a child for the proper maintenance of health and optimum growth is termed as a 'balanced diet'.  Dals and beans have high contents of protein and a small amount of fat.  Bread is rich in carbohydrates but poor in proteins.

What does the child need in his diet

It is important that a child's diet should be both good in quality as well as adequate in quantity. If his diet is deficient in nutrients and energy, it can adversely affect his weight gain and body growth. The child's diet should supply him with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in adequate quantities. 

How do I provide a balanced diet 

Your child would receive a proper balanced diet if he eats a meal consisting of food items like: chapatis, bread, rice, breakfast cereals, maize, potatos, dals, beans, poultry and meats, milk, cheese etc. It is important to mix various kinds of foods so that his requirements of nutrients would be met.  It is important for you to ensure that your child eats food in adequate quantities. Considering a child's small appetite, it is advisable that his food should be rich in nutritive value and that he should eat more often during the course of the day.

What is anaemia

Deficiency of iron in young children causes anaemia. Dark green vegetables and meats are rich in iron.  Iron is also found in chapatis, breads, eggs, dals, nuts and beans.

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Pragati.6 years ago
its not enough, you should give some more tips for improving this note.
Rohini.6 years ago
right from the childhood if the child has all the essential vitamis and proteibs in his diet, his resistance to fight against any disease will become stronger.
Robert and Ryan.6 years ago
a baby should eat soft food's and they should drink milk from in a bottle
SMW.6 years ago
i am american married to indian. my child can have indian food when he/she can say they want it. it will not be forced upon them. my child will be brought up american, despite what his family says/thinks. i think it is important for a child to have breast milk and protein and vitamins. not spicy things that could make them to have upset tummys. in indian culure im sure its ok. because the mothers eat it while pregnant. as for i do not care for indian food. and will not force it on my child. but when they are old enough and can say... they are welcome to have it. i have strong parental ethic and backings, and disagree totally with alot of indian culture habits. guess that comes from seeing my "inlaws" behave. ugh!!!!
like to know more.6 years ago
very nice
Shraddha.6 years ago
there are no outlets selling organic vegetables in our city, the increasing number of articles on adulteration of any and every milk and vegetables and fruits worries me. please advise.
lakshmi.6 years ago
i am a south indian mother of two children of ages 12 year boy and 7 year girl. i am worried for the marginal underweight of my daughter and searching for an ideal diet for my daughter. i am also trying to prepare a diet chart for children with many options of breakfast, lunch etc. if any one is interested, they can help and join me.
kirsty.6 years ago
i think that a balanced diet is a load of rubbish you should eat junk food and you can still be healthy
sachin.6 years ago
do we need to give any extra dose of vitaminand calcium and vitamins kids?
Mike.6 years ago
i think that is should say he or she not just he.
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