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Importance of a Healthy Diet

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Why is so much stress laid on a healthy diet (Dr. Rita Shah)

As you are the only source of nutrition for your unborn baby, your eating habits will affect your baby's health and well-being. In order to cope with the increased demands, your body needs a sufficient amount of nutrition.  Poor eating habits can adversely affect your pregnancy and result in conditions like anaemia, pre-eclampsia, mood swings, fatigue, leg cramps, constipation, etc.  It had been learnt that deficiency of some minerals like zinc is sometimes responsible for initiating premature labor.

How will my diet affect the baby

As long as there is no family history of medical diseases, eating the right kinds of foods will ensure that you have a healthy baby.  A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has shown how baby's health at birth is directly related to the mother's diet during pregnancy.  Of the women who were on an excellent diet, 95% of them had healthy babies. Whereas, of the women thriving on junk food only 8% of them had healthy babies, and 65% had premature, malnourished, functionally immature or stillborn babies. 

What are the implications of a poor diet

Every bite counts.  Whatever an expectant mother eats or does not eat affects her child.  Lack of folic acid in the first trimester increases the risk of spinal tube defects and lip and palate deformities.  Lack of protein and calories in the last trimester could affect the development of the brain.  To really grow well, your baby requires a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, proteins and substantial calories for its all-round development.

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Preeti.1 year ago
Hi Ladies,

I am 2 and half month pregnant,only thing which I follow ,break your breakfast in 2 parts, eat some healthy food in every 2 hours (as required), drink 3 ltrs of water everyday, lot of fruits and salad. Also take supplements recommended by doctor. Eat before hunger starts .Don't keep your stomach empty for long time. Go for walk , avoid having JUNK food.
Try this it will definitely help you and offcourse baby :-)
sushma.5 years ago
want to know is it ok in pregancy amla juice,what precaution i have to take while eat
Kruthika.5 years ago
Hi Friends

v r planning for a baby is there any particular diet food which i hav to follow couple of months before going to Conceive?
Ila prakash Singh.5 years ago
along with a balanced diet, i also recommend mother's horlicks three times a day. it is amazing to read the contents of the product. it makes up for any nutrient which may not have been consumed in regular food during the day.
jassi.5 years ago
yr topic is good fr me
vidhi.5 years ago
from 6 to 9 th month have kessar with milk every night it keeps u an d baby healthy
saroj.5 years ago
i has three month pregancy. but no increase my weight
Preeti.5 years ago
ya! the article is good. but a diet chart like what to take in what amount and at what time like i m vegetarian. so what can b taken?
Mallika.5 years ago
i gained only 2.2 pounds in one month.
Malli.5 years ago
i am suffering from nausea and so i gained just 1 kg in 3rd month
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