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Plan 1. Eat an early dinner. Finish off your meal at least three hours before you hit the sack.

At what time do you have your dinner? Research suggests that you should have finished your dinner at least three hours before going to bed. So if you start your dinner at nine and are in bed at eleven, you're not doing it right.

Needless to say, for most of us it is more practical to change the time we have our dinner than it is to change our bedtime. Don't do it gradually. The most important thing is to make up your mind, make a plan, and stick to it. And what should your plan be Simply to keep a cut-off time after which you will not eat anything.

How many of you return home from office at around 7:00, then eat a snack, and have dinner at around 9:30 or so And then, before long, you go to bed. The result All that food, just sitting in your stomach. Not very healthy, to say the least. Instead, skip the snack and have your dinner as soon as you return from office. Not only does is this good for you because it reduces the chances of you having junk, snacky food, but eating an early dinner also helps you lose weight.

What does having an early dinner have to do with losing weight

Eating an early dinner has a positive effect on our metabolism. Perhaps because we eat early and walk around for at least three hours before going to bed, our food gets digested instead of getting deposited in fat cells.

When we say 'early dinner', we do not mean that you give in to a craving a couple of hours later and start snacking! The rule is, after you are done with dinner, brush your teeth, and don't eat anything else. Not a single biscuit, wafer or peanut! Nothing! Hey, no one said losing weight was easy.

Needless to say, if you gulp down five parathas loaded with ghee and a bucket of ice cream with every meal, you're not going to get anywhere in your weight loss plan.

Eat sensibly, and be aware of what you are putting in your mouth. Just being generally cautious, not eating fried foods, not eating foods dipped in ghee, and avoiding sweets will help in your weight loss.

Even eating the same food you eat on a normal basis, just eating it earlier, will help you lose weight.

The problem is, when we dine early, we tend to feel hungry a few hours later, and if we are still up, we will be very tempted to snack. The best thing to do alternative would be to drink a glass of water. This will trick your stomach into feeling full.

Remember, you are not depriving your body of food. What you are doing is setting a pattern for a healthier body which is really the best way to approach any weight loss program.

Simply eating food a few hours earlier will help you lose some weight, but to lose a healthy, substantial amount if you are looking to lose weight is not so easy. Find out what next you can do tomorrow, in our five-point plan to lose weight.

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Feedback on article
Name: anitha
City:   Coimbatore
Comments:   what kind of exercises to reduce weight and tummy exercises to follow please add correct procedures in walking.
Name: heta
City:   Maharashtra
Comments:   Good advice.But i want some more tips for real housewife who does not have any physical work.So problem is huge stomach and big thighs. Please give some advice.
Name: archana
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i have hypo-thyriod ,taking 150mcg eltroxin every day.but can't put down weight.i delivered a baby 1 year back but still my tummy is to big. please advice.
Name: Bharti
City:   Delhi, India
Comments:   Your suggestion is very effective, Thanx
Name: dr sheeba
City:   cochine
Comments:   eating dinner 3 to4 hours before bedtime does wonders to loose weight
Name: farwa
City:   Islamabad
Comments:   I had a dnc 1 month back. my tummy is very big now after dnc. what i do to make it slim and smart again. Thanks
Name: madhu
City:   Pune
Comments:   Dear Archana, regarding ur thyroid and weight becos of it. I 2 was facing the same problem. Try doing this: Gradually reduce ur course of tablets. During this from day 1 programme brush your teeth everyday and night with Vicco vajrudanti powder , please dont spit but swallow the saliva of vvajrudanti. Massage with finger. then after 5 min. gargle with triphala churn powder boiled in 1 glass i.e 1 small spoon of powder in 1 glass water. then later rinse with normal water. during this period keep drinkg water of sunth .i.e sunth powder boiled in water , 1 spn: 1 ltr.At night drink patla buttermilk with lahya. Used during Diwali poojan. 100% u will reduce and get cured. Now i dont take any tablet but m not fat.
Name: sunita
City:   united kingdom
Comments:   iam having big tummmy. and developing double chin. due to my profession i cany exercise ant eat dinner on time, pls tell me propervegeterian diet, and exercise to do, as i have holiday on weekend
Name: Anuva
City:   BBSR
Comments:   iam having big tummmy and a fatty look. due to my profession i cant exercise ant eat dinner on time, pls tell me diet and process, and exercise to do, as i have holiday on weekend
Name: manjuraj
City:   bangalore-india
Comments:   ur advice r worthfull
Name: Dr. Namrata
City:   Houston, TX, USA
Comments:   For all of you who want to lose your 'tummy', the sectret is to cut down carbohydrates. Foods like white rice, potatoes, white bread, pastas as a no no. Eat plenty of daal, rajma, chole with only 1-2 whole wheat rotis. These foods are high in protein and keep you full longer. If you can avoid the rotis at night that will further help you lose weight in your tummy area faster.
Name: meera
City:   malaysia
Comments:   hi there for those with tummy problem try doing some sit up exercise and take some cider vineger add with plain water before evry meal that realy help..good luck ya
Name: subha
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Hi i found this and i reduce 5 kg try it .. The dirrt ains at shedding 5-6 kg a weed .During each of the first seven days ,you must driink 10 glasses of water. DAY-1 your first day consists of all fruits you want ,except is suggested you consume lots of melons the first day,especially watermelon nd cantaloupe. DAY-2 All vegetables.You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the Raw and cooked vegetables of your choice.There is no limit on the amount or type.Avoid oil and coconut while cooking vegetables .Have large boiled potato for beakfast. DAY-3 Any mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice.Any amount of quantity ,no BANANAS yet and no potatoes. DAY-4 Banana and milk,eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of can also have one bowl of vegetble soup. DAY-5 Feast day.Eat one cup of rice.You also have to eat six whole tomatoes and drink 1 glasses of water to cleanse your system of excess uric acid you will be producng. DAY-6 All vegetables day. Eat one cup of rice and eat all the vegetables you want,cooked or un cooked,to your hearts content. DAY-7 The food intake consists of one cup of rice,fruit juice and the vegetables you care to comsume
Name: seema
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I saw this site pretty late. But I feel some of the suggestions will work out. I am yet to try them.
Name: Suki
City:   Toronto
Comments:   Hi, I like to know about how to lose weight by proper food..could you pls let me know what kind of food i have to eat early morning to night....Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thank you
Name: sillytulip
City:   okc...home of the hornets....
Comments:   hm...will this work
Name: saiqa
City:   sharjha/ uae
Comments:   i am 32 years old. my weight is 60kg, i want 2 lose 10kg. pleas tell me how can it posible. i have 2 children i wish 2 be like before marrige.plz help meeeeeeeee / i will wait for ur answer, and also i will be thankfull 2 u.
Name: ramya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   these tips are raelly very usefull and every one should follow this.
Name: supraja
City:   mumbai
Comments:   helllo everybody...iam supraja.iam 15 yrs old and my weight is 45.5kgs... welll these tips are very good to follow ...and one more thing is that iam ramya's sister!!!hehehe
Name: indukuri
City:   bangalore
Name: pooja
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Hi I found ur article interesting. I will try out ur suggestion of taking dinner early. bbyeee pooja
Name: Dr.Vishnu
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Minimize changes to your diet eating foods you're used to. - No more diet foods (unless you choose)! - Eat the real foods you enjoy! - Use your recipes, ours and/or eat convenience foods you enjoy - Buy foods found at your local grocery store and SAVE$$ - Want Lean Cuisine, Jenny Craig, Healthy Choice or other options. We provide you with more options - Dine-out almost anywhere! - Eat Snacks (2 snack are planned to keep your blood glucose energy high) - Eat fast foods - Eat gourmet or Standard Fare - Each diet offers greater foods choices - virtually unlimited - & designed to fit your personal needs! - A practical diet solution with more choices and a plan that teaches you how to keep it off because you're not changing much about what you're used to.
Name: Manpreet
City:   Van
Comments:   i heard abt the sauna solution belt....does it work....if it does where can u get it frm thanks in advance
Name: lyssa
City:   phoenix, az
Comments:   can you please tell me how i can lose my tummy and love handles, is there a certain exercise regiment i can follow?
Name: annia
City:   lahore
Comments:   plzzz any one help me i have to losse40 kgs help me in maintaining diet and plzzzz share success story if any one has lost such big chunk of weight and how plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Name: tanushri
City:   mumbai
Comments:   am too fat n small girl am just 11 yrd old n my wieght is 95 kgz how can i reduce my wieght in 3 or 5 monyhs
Name: anniya
City:   lahore
Comments:   hey tanushri ur a small kid i being 20 years old has startted loosing my weight by brisk walk and balanced diet u can do wonders by cutting down junk from ur diet start doing walk.Remember loosing weight is a slow process there are no short cuts or quick fixes.please keep away from weight loss pills they r a big health hazard.
Name: xer cise
City:   scarb
Comments:   good tips, for those who want to loose 1020, try excercise, 45 minday sit ups, bicycle, along with above tips you will loose the 20 pound in three months. just dont cheat, its not that hard, it does not work for the lazy, or uncommitted! for the rest of us, it works fine.
Name: rafath
City:   hyd
Comments:   my tummy is very big i want 2 lose it
Name: rafath
City:   hyd
Comments:   my tummy is very big i want 2 lose it
Name: rathi
City:   salem
Comments:   i have a baby who is 7 months stomach is still big and i have put around 20 kgs of weight during my pregnancy...what should i do to reduce my weight and my stomach...i have also the hair fall problem..please suggest me some ideas...thanks..
Name: mistake
City:   Lahore
Comments:   losing weight is not a big deal frst thing you hav to do iin the morning is to talke a glass luke warm water and a dd juice of one lemon in it thn have a light breakfast 30 mins aftr that have green tea after evert meal 1 hour brisk walk daily 30 mins of exercise avoid junk food cold drinks and bakery items, sweets do ths regularly and gradually u wl b in shape
Name: yalpa
City:   Africa
Comments:   please advice as am jus 23yrs n i weight 67kgs.i have to loose weight n look fit as i still have to tie a note. please advice easy veggie diet.
Name: farida hayath
City:   dammam
Comments:   having hypothyroidism. taking 150 mgms eltroxin everyday. started going for walking from the past one week. my weight is 90 kgs
Name: UMM
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi,pls give me a detailed diet for my husband.he wieghs 120kgs but has good height yet his tummy is big.he has night duty so what kids of indian foods can i give for him 2 loose weight along with his excercises.pls help me as im lost as to what foods will help him loose weight(inclusive of non veg foods),thanks,Umm
Name: nidhi mahajan
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hii subhaa plzz tell if the paln u have suggested works and if u need some exercises wid it. also tell which form of rice one shd have plain or pulao type...
Name: priyanka
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I am 18 yrs and my weight is 65 please help to lose weight and tummy within 1 week
Name: sanjana
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am lata a 17 yrs old girls my weight is 65 kgs and ma height is 5 feet 3 inches . i realy wanted to know how can i reduce my weight in the best possible way
Name: Rajni Varma
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hey all please any1 suggest me how can i lose the fat around my tummy i weight 72kg and my age is 27 please it wud be god on the earth 2 me please
Name: shreshta
City:   India
Comments:   Hi.. I dont want to reduce weight..i am not overweight.but the fat sediments of tummy and irregular shape of my body irritate me..could you please suggest some exercises and proper diet for reducing the tummy fat and getting good shape of body..
Name: Shreshta
City:   India
Comments:   Hi.. my age is 20.I dont want to reduce weight..i am not overweight.but the fat sediments of tummy and irregular shape of my body irritate me..could you please suggest some exercises and proper diet for reducing the tummy fat and getting good shape of body..
Name: pavi
City:   Qatar
Comments:   Hi Umm, Good day my dear! give ur husband good breakfast like cereals, idlis and chappathis . give only 2. the most important thing is ask ur husbnad to watch aastha channel and ask him to practice kapalbhathi breating exercise . it helps to reduce tummy.and also give him amla juice in the morning ... dont give him rice . instead u whole wheat burgal make upma in it and give it to ur husband. make him to drink juices without sugar and with honey (1 tsp)in th juice... dont give him mik in the night.....give him chicken without skin and dont give him chicken thighs.. egg yolk and mutton, lobsters, shrimps, crab.. give him fish ...
Name: kamya
City:   sonipat
Comments:   hi! im 22 yrs girl my height is 5´5´´ and my weight is 65 kg. i want to reducemy weight pls send me a good diet chart. regards
Name: Mickey
City:   Chennai
Comments:   I´m 6 feet tall,my weight is 80kg and I´m of 22 years of age. Is that over weight and can you give me a correct indian balanced diet with exercise to reduce my weight.
Name: Anjali
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi I´m 24yr old and 5ft 4inches in ht...My Weight is 98kg as i´m in B.P.O Profession i´m not able to do any Exercise and all.So pls Sugesst some Quick Fast Diet so i can reduce weight i wanna reduce atleast 25kg in a month time max as i´m going to get married in 2months pls help me....Some one Pls help me.
Name: mehtab
City:   sharjah
Comments:   hi am mehtab,am indian,am 23yrs my weight is around 80,and am single,plz suggest me sum diet chart.thank u
Name: wholesale
City:   Berlin
Comments:   Hello! Good site! I´m From Khazahstan! I´m doing well! Thank you!
Name: sandhya
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my weight is 90kgs i have to reduce 40kgs plzzzzzzzzz sugest me some exercises and diet plan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Name: maneet
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   my weight is 88 and want to reduce 35 kgs can u suggest good diet and what is best exercise
Name: ujala
City:   mumbai

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