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Yoga for Third Trimester Pregnancy

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Yoga during third trimester of pregnancy can provide lot of benefits to both mother and baby. Benefits of yoga are innumerable, but it should be practiced under right guidance of yoga expert. Read on to know more about yoga asanas for third trimester pregnancy.

Yoga in third trimester pregnancy can be a little bit difficult as the fetus has grown in size. But it is very important and is also said to be a valuable experience. You need to be a little bit careful and conscious and stay alert during this period. However, as long as you feel comfortable, you can go ahead with the yoga asanas.

If you are new to yoga and have approached prenatal yoga classes just because you want to have a healthy baby, you need to start with utmost care and caution initially. Follow your instructor and with gentle practice you can still have some benefits. But if you have been performing yoga since first trimester or even before that, you will find things easier and you can do yoga asanas till the time you feel comfortable doing them.

Yoga Asanas for Third Trimester Pregnancy

  • Shoulder Rotation – This improves circulation of blood and brings flexibility in the upper back and shoulder muscles. You can do this asana with single hands and with both the hands too. This asana specially releases the tension in the neck and helps you feel free and relaxed.
  • Ankle Cranks – Beneficial for good circulation of blood in legs and helps increase the time set for meditation also. It is also useful in cramping and numbness in feet and legs.
  • Supta Udarkarshan Asana – This asana improves digestion and helps you get rid of constipation. Also, helps get relief from stiffness and strain in spine usually cause because of long hours of sitting in one place.
  • Ardha Titli Asana – It helps loosen hip and knee joints and this helps in smooth and faster delivery.
  • Poorna Titli Asana – The tension felt in the inner thigh muscles is relieved and helps get rid of fatigue in legs.

Benefits of Yoga for Third Trimester

Have a quick look at the benefits of yoga during third trimester of pregnancy. 

Beneficial for All Pregnancy Stages

Yoga is beneficial in all stages of pregnancy. The only thing that you have to take care of is how comfortable you are doing the yoga asanas and you need to stay alert during the third trimester. Remember, yoga is all about mind and body relationship and so you need to listen to your body and understand its language. Stop immediately when you feel uncomfortable.

Helps to Get Great Relief

While yoga asanas help you have a great relief and helps in the physical development of your body during pregnancy, the benefits that it provides you for a smooth and fast delivery cannot be overlooked. It takes care of your health along with the health and proper growth of the unborn child.

Helps to Ease Labour

If you learn to control your breathing during the third trimester pregnancy, you will find it very beneficial during the time of labour. The right form of breathing will help you stay relaxed and stress free during labour time and also help proper flow of oxygen to your body and the baby too.

Helps to Lose Postnatal Flab

The most remarkable benefit of doing yoga asanas during your pregnancy period is that it helps gets rid of the fat after the delivery. It will help you shred the postnatal fat easily and without much fuss and hassle.

With all these benefits, it is hard to say why you should avoid doing yoga during pregnancy. Nowadays, great stress is being given to normal delivery and yoga helps reduce the chances of cesarean to a great extent.

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