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How to make shots hurt less

childs-healthcare Basics of immunization

Needles make both kids and adults panic. Learn some smart tricks to ease the anxiety and make injections less painful.

Nidhi was frightened when her mom took her to the doctor's clinic to take an anti tetanus shot. "It hurts, I will not take any injection," she cried. Her family doctor tried to make her calm and came forward with the injection in his hand. He grasped Nidhi's hand and wiped the spot on the arm with a cotton ball dipped in the spirit. He slowly inserted the syringe in her arm. He kept on asking her questions about her school and studies meanwhile. Nidhi did not realise when she had her shot. She stepped out of the clinic in a happy mood munching a chocolate given by her doctor.

Every child is scared of needles. Is there any way to make shorts hurt less? Well you can try several tricks to ease the pain of an injection. We found out some smart ones just for you.

Make your child visualise

It is common. Children tend to panic after seeing needles. They know that the needle is going to poke them deep inside the skin. Helping your child distract herself will surely help to make shots less painful. Most of the time doctors get into conversation with children while vaccinating which helps distract them. You as a parent can do a lot to make shots hurt less.

Hold your child's hand and be by her side while she is receiving her shot. Talk to her about something that she likes such as craft project she did in school, a book, her birthday party you are going to plan, a school trip she is going to visit and so on. Ask her to imagine about whom she is going to invite on her birthday? What dress she will wear to her school trip? Try to distract your child's mind and within a blink she will be done with the shot.

Promise your child a treat

Promise your child a little treat. Promise them that you will take her to watch a latest animated movie on the weekend or you will buy her a new dress. Your child may wait for the day to take injection so she can relish her treat as soon as possible. But make sure that you tell your child on previous night that she is going to get a shot next day. Avoid telling her about it days before. You may also surprise her with a cup of ice cream of her favorite flavor or a chocolate after she takes her shot. Next time onwards she will not be afraid to take her shots.

Take along a cuddle toy

Does your child sleep with a cuddle toy is her arms? Carry a soft toy with you to the doctor's dispensary when your child is supposed to get a shot. Let your child engage playing with her teddy. You can also carry a picture book, a ball, a doll or a hand video game. It will distract your child's attention and make her shot less painful. If your child is too much panicky while getting shots, ask your doctors to give her some anesthetic such as soothing gel or spray.

Be honest

Be honest to your child. Explain her that how it will feel while getting a shot. Tell her that there will be pain. Explain your child why she is going to take an injection? How taking injection will benefit her? Your child may ask you questions like for how long the shot will last. How much painful it will be? Why I need to take the shot? What will happen if I will not take the shot? Why does it pain? Answer the questions appropriately without any exaggeration.

Tricks to make shots less painful

Not only children but even many adults feel scared while taking an injection. We need vaccination to prevent diseases. Following are some tips to make shots less painful.

  • Deep breath. Inhale, hold the breath for ten counts and exhale. Do this for several times before taking a shot.

  • Relax. Do not tighten your muscles or clutch your fist. Relax your muscles and the shot will be less painful.

  • Do not look at the needle. Look at the opposite direction or close your eyes.

  • Ask a friend to pinch you on another arm or on cheek. You will not feel the injection.

  • Carry a MP3 player with you. Music will make the shot less painful.

  • Avoid thinking about the shot before getting it. Think about something else.

  • Constantly thinking that, 'I am going to get an injection' will make you feel more fearful. Instead say, 'it will not hurt.'
Your body cannot fight germs on its own. Vaccination makes our body immune to diseases. We need shots to prevent some diseases such as measles, chickenpox, diabetes and hepatitis. Immunisation works as an antibody. One can see pain and soreness after taking a shot but the benefits are for a lifetime.

Next time when you take your child to doctor you will know some smart tricks to make him take the vaccine without getting it on your nerves. Your child might not realise when he is done with the shot. Good Luck!
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James.2 years ago
Take one ice cube tray.
Remove ice piece.
Apply to area to be injected.
This NUMBS area to injection.
Apply injection at a slant into Deltoid (upper shoulder) after numbing area with ICE.
Works better with dry Ice.
Works better with first cooled to freezing metal object which achieves lower temperature than ice itself.
Disregard all the chanting, singing, story and other nonsense.
Simply NUMB the AREA with COLD.
James.2 years ago
Take one ice cube tray.
Remove ice piece.
Apply to area to be injected.
This NUMBS area to injection.
Apply injection at a slant into Deltoid (upper shoulder) after numbing area with ICE.
Works better with dry Ice.
Works better with first cooled to freezing metal object which achieves lower temperature than ice itself.
Disregard all the chanting, singing, story and other nonsense.
Simply NUMB the AREA with COLD.
jennifer.3 years ago
Make your child visualise, i have tried this thing and it works for my child:)
Erwin Alber.3 years ago
"We need shots to prevent some diseases such ... diabetes "

A vaccine which prevents diabetes??? There is to my knowledge no diabetes vaccine as yet. Vaccines are however very effective in causing diabetes. In New ealand, there has been a huge increase around 60%) in juvenile insulin-dependent diabetes following the government's introduction of the hepatitis B vaccine into its vaccine child poisoning schedule according to a letter by Dr B Classen published in the New Zealand Medical Journal. Google 'vaccines cause diabetes'.
Erwin Alber.3 years ago
"Your body cannot fight germs on its own"

It beats me how such ignorant people as the person who wrote this are put in a position to advise parents with such nonsense.

How do you think people survived before vaccines were invented? My own son is 39 years old, strong and healthy and completely vaccine-free.
Erwin Alber.3 years ago
This is in my opinion absurd. The pain can be easily avoided simply by not vaccinating. Vaccine-free children are generally far healthier than vaccinated children because their organisms haven't been injected with all manner of toxic chemicals and biological agents. Check out the healthy and happy vaccine-free children on this Facebook page:
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