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The Effects of Music on Children

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Music can really have many positive impacts on your child. Make music a part of your child's life.

Eight year old Sudha gazed in awe at the violin that laid near her feet.  She wanted to grasp it and start playing it.  Tunes of violin music floated through her head and she smiled to herself.  "Mom!!!!!  I want to learn how to play the violin now!!"  Her mom thought and was silent.  Parents should try to give their children an opportunity to learn an instrument.  If your kids want to learn an instrument, let them! Music helps children learn.

Music Helps the Learning Process

Most children are born as average and not as geniuses.  The only reason why certain people are called geniuses is because they learn at a faster pace than others.  Everyone can learn, but the speed at which one learns something is different for different people.  Apparently, if you allow your child to play an instrument or take him to singing lessons, it helps to increase the speed at which he learns.  If you as a parent are always trying to find out ways to improve your child's intelligence, this is one easy way that your child will improve.  Music will increase the speed at which your child can solve problems because learning how to play an instrument or sing makes your child think and helps them to be more coordinated.  While learning an instrument, your child uses the same abstract reasoning skills that he uses in maths.  There are even some schools in the US that make music a required part of the curriculum to help their students improve their scholastic scores.

The Social Effects of Music

Playing an instrument or singing will help your child gain confidence.  He will feel proud of himself that he can sing or play an instrument.  Music will also help him to be more outgoing because he might want to perform for his family members or friends.  The most important thing is that music will keep your child busy and let him be involved with something that is educational instead of just sitting in front of the television.  Lastly, since music is something that is enjoyable and soothing, it will help to relieve your child's stress during school days.

As you can see music has many positive effects on your child.  Make music a part of your child's life, and make it a part of your life too!!
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Jyoti.6 years ago
my son is 4 year old. at this young age also he enjoys hearing to music and sleeps only when some music is on.
Yolande.6 years ago
i am a seventh grade teacher and my students were having trouble remembering the process by which you calculate the area of a trapezoid. so i made a song to the tune of "frere jacques" and ever since they have been able to remember how to calculate the area of a trapezoid.
tart with a heart.6 years ago
i have a 5 year old daughter she enjoys playing the electric gutair, does anybody know of anywhere i could perhaps by a gutair that is her size all the ones we buy her are to big. we dont want a litlle childrens play gutair we want a proper one with a ampafire!
Tiffany.6 years ago
i am doing research on this topic for school. email me at if you know of anywhere i could get resources to use for a presentation
Clair.6 years ago
i am working with tiffany, please give us some information to her
e-mail! :)
grainne.6 years ago
am doin an essay on the
developmental effects of
music on children, and
am looking for any information/views/ideas.
anything would be great, thanks
Wilma.6 years ago
i love music but i just don't think that it helps my daughter. it makes her st***, not smart! you all lied!!!!!!!!!!!
gil.6 years ago
i am a student doing an assignment on the effects of music on child development and would appreciate any information i can get. please email me at
sofi.6 years ago
i like music sooo much, its my life. i think its a cure for so many problems.
Yolanda.6 years ago
effect of instrumental music on children
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