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Immunization schedule for children

childs-healthcare Basics of immunization

Immunization forms one of the most important and cost effective strategies for the prevention of childhood sicknesses and disabilities and is thus a basic need for all children. The following schedule has been recommended by the Ministry of Health, Govt. of India and is one of the most widely followed by  the child health care providers.


Infants Birth BCG* and OPV**
  6 weeks DPT&OPV
  10weeks DPT&OPV
  14 weeks DPT&OPV
  9 months Measles vaccine
  18 months DPT&OPV(Booster dose)
Children 5 years DT vaccine
  10years Tetanus toxoid
  16years Tetanus toxoid
*At birth or at the time of DPT/OPV ; 
** dose called as Zero dose and can be given till 14 days of age ,if missed early.

ABBREVIATIONS: BCG=Bacillus calmittee Guerin; 
DPT=Diphtheria,Pertussis & Tetanus;
OPV =Oral Polio Vaccine; 
DT=Diph & Tetanus vaccine.


The largest professional organisation of pediatricians in our  country fully endorses and supports the national schedule. It supplements the above schedule further ,with 2 additional vaccines namely Hepatitis B  vaccine to be given in three doses (at birth, one month and six months of age.). The IAP also recommends MMR (Measles,Mumps & Rubella vaccine) at about 15 to 18 months of age.  It must be remembered that even though rubella may appear to be a mild illness, it has a serious potential to cause congenital defects in a baby ,whose mother is not protected against rubella and catches the infection during early pregnancy.

The decision to use the newer vaccines such as Hepatitis A vaccine(Water borne jaundice), Hem.B vaccine and Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine can vary amongst child practitioners and both the parents and the doctor can discuss their usage for their child, as presently, these vaccines are not included in the routine immunization program of our country. Their rational use should be based upon the cost, child's age, parent's concerns, exposure risks to the child and the doctor - parent decision. 

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hanadi.3 years ago
i didn't find the up to date the Sudanese schedual of immunization
yash.3 years ago
Helpful article..
siya.3 years ago
can some1 help me to understand this article???
Erwin Alber.3 years ago
I have yet to see any evidence which shows that vaccinations are of any benefit to anyone except the people who profit from this ugly and brutal money-making racket.

Vaccines are neither safe nor effective and are completely unnecessary for a child's health and development.

The DPT vaccine and the genetically engineered hepatitis B and HPV vaccines are probably the worst vaccines of the lot, but all vaccines are highly toxic and only cause harm, such as ear infections, allergies, asthma, eczema, diabetes, neurological disorders including ADHD,autism and other developmental problems, cancer and many other disorders, as well as death.

http://www.ageofautism .com/2009/02/m anaging-editor s-note-below-i s-the-story-of -iam-gromowski -a-boy-who-liv ed-47-days-aft er-his-hepatit is-b-vaccinati on-thank.html

Parents who want healthy children should therefore keep them vaccine-free. "Vaccines contain substances which are so noxious that they should not ever be injected into a human body." Dr Viera Scheibner PhD, Australia

"Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

For further information, visit the 'Vaccination Information Network' (VINE) on Facebook.
Renu.6 years ago
hey! thats really cool.
Mala.6 years ago
Seema.6 years ago
very informative
Dr. Gaurav Gupta.6 years ago
hey what about the typhoid vaccine? you seem to have forgotten it
Shivendra.6 years ago
Beth.6 years ago
hi! what about the measles vaccine? is it ok that it will be late because my 9months old daughter is having cough and colds right now?
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