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Child's Healthcare Topics

You are Here : Homes > Child's Healthcare > Related Articles for Child's Healthcare

Related Articles for Child's Healthcare

Would not you like to know something more about child’s health care. Find some more articles related to child’s health care right here.

Eye Problems

Many of us are faced with common eye problems. Here are the ways to treat eye problems like conjuctivitis foreign body in the eye and corrosive substance in t more


The most important medicines for diarrhoea are rice cunjee and water salt and sugar solution. These help in preventing dehydration by replacing the essential more

Bowed Legs, Flat Feet and Club Feet

Some problems of leg and feet go unnoticed as these are not so common.These generally do not cause much problem.But sometimes these may cause slight problems more

Choosing Eyeglasses for Children

When a doctor prescribes glasses for your child for near-sightedness, far-sightedness or amblyopia, he is not likely to tell you how you go about choosing fra more

Beware of Lazy-Eye

Very often we force awful medications down our child's throat when she is sick, with little regard to her feelings. When your child is unwell, she needs more more

Tender Loving Care

Very often we force awful medications down our child's throat when she is sick, with little regard to her feelings. When your child is unwell, she needs more more

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), as the name suggests, is a term that is used when a baby's death cannot be explained even after thorough medical examinat more

Child's Healthcare Tips for Winter

Children need more protection against cold and flu during winters. Common health issues with kids can be avoided with the right healthcare regimen. Here are s more

How to Raise a Healthy Child

Raising a healthy child is not only about making sure that child eats enough of food. It is very necessary to ensure that the child is eating healthy and eati more

Lactose Intolerance in Infants

Sometimes lactose intolerance is mistaken with food allergy in babies. Therefore, parents of babies must understand what lactose intolerance in infants exactl more

Hiccups in Babies

Hiccups in babies are observed by many new parents. The main causes of hiccups in babies are not known but some preventive measures can reduce its occurrence. more

Children of a Lesser God

Children of lesser God are children with some disabilities. These children are born with birth defects so their needs are special. If diagnosed and treated in more

Computer Related Stress Injuries

Computer related stress injuries are quite common in children who spend a considerable amount of time on computer. Preventive measures must be taken to avoid more

Sleep Disorder in Children

Sleep disorders in children affect their well-being. Impacts of sleep disorder are observed in the behaviour and performance of the child. Kids with sleep dis more

Taking Care of Toddler's Ears

Ear cleaning in toddlers is a tedious process because they seldom stay still. Ear cleaning to remove wax is a part of maintaining hygiene of the baby. Simplif more

Eye Problems in Kids

Eye problems in kids are often detected late. If detected early then common eye problems in kids can be easily treated. How to know if your kid is suffering f more

Importance of Eye Examination for Preschoolers

Eye examination of a preschoolers helps in identification of a probable vision problem. An early eye examination is necessary to avert potential eye problems more

Sleep Problems in Kids

Does your kid have a sleeping problem? Do you have difficulty in putting the kid to sleep? Sleep problem in kids is due to poor sleeping habits. Learn about t more

Teeth Grinding Habit in Kids

Is your child coping with a teeth grinding habit? Teeth grinding or bruxism does damage to the teeth and gums of the kid. Learn more about the condition of br more

Night Terrors in Children

Night terror is a type of sleep disorder that leads kids to be deprived of normal sleep. It is marked by recurrent episodes of intense crying by the kid. Find more

Causes of Sleep Problems in Children

Kids may develop many sleeping problems due to sleeping mistakes of parents. Issues with sleeping can be avoided when kids develop healthy sleeping habits. Fi more

High blood Pressure in Kids

High blood pressure in kids though earlier unheard of is now quite common. Are you aware of the impact of high blood pressure in kids? Do you know the causes more

Rotavirus Infection in Babies

What is rotavirus? Is rotavirus a serious infection? Are rotavirus vaccinations easily available? Read on to know all about the causes and symptoms of rotavir more

Coping with Sprains and Strain in Kids

You need to take immediate action when your child is coping with sprain or strain. Read on to know how sprains and strains are caused in kids and home remedie more

Medicine Cabinet Essentials for Baby

If you have an infant or baby at home, you must keep your medicine cabinet up-to-date. Keeping all the medicine cabinet essentials ready will help you to prev more

Effects of Cell Phone Radiations on Kids

It is not safe to let your baby play with your mobile phone as mobile phone or cell phone radiations can harm your baby. Read on to know more about the harmfu more

How to Deal With Head Lice and Nits in Kids

Head lice and nits cause a lot of discomfort for children. Getting rid of these pesky critters is a must as they cause itching on the scalp. Just using medica more

Tips for Preventing Swine Flu in Kids

With some preventive home remedies and by following hygienic habits you can protect your child and family from swine flu. Read on to learn more about the comm more

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Child's Brain

Mobile phones can have hazardous effects on the health as well as growth and development of children. Therefore, keeping kids away from mobile phones is essen more

Healthy Habits for Boosting Immunity of Children

Developing healthy habits is very necessary to prevent illnesses in children. Healthy habits also help to strengthen the immune system of children. Read on to more

Why is My Kid Not Gaining Weight?

There are many factors due to which kids may not gain adequate weight according to their age. If parents take right care of health and diet of children it wi more

Tips for Helping your Child Maintain Healthy Weight

It is necessary to encourage kids to maintain healthy weight right from early childhood to avoid weight related problems when they grow-up. Here are some tips more

Tips for Keeping Children Healthy During Winters

Children become prone to illnesses during winters. So, taking right precautions during winter is essential to keep them healthy. Read on to find some tips for more

Eye Exercises for Improving Eyesight of Kids

Exercises are very useful for preventing eye problems and improving eyesight. Such exercises can be performed by kids too. These exercises are very easy to pe more

Signs that Your Child is Underweight

Being underweight can cause lot of other health problems in children. Children who have healthy weight fall ill less frequently. Therefore, it is essential to more

How to Boost Immunity of Kids during Winters

Kids are prone to illnesses during winters. Therefore, taking preventive steps is essential to protected them for various illnesses and infections. Read on to more

Are Underweight Kids Weak?

Following wrong means to help underweight kids gain weight can take a toll on their health. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a paediatrician and find out more

10 Good Habits for Boosting Child's Immunity

Encouraging good and healthy habits in kids is a must to help them prevent illnesses and strengthen their immune system. Have a quick look at the 10 good habi more

Is it Safe to Use Vapour Rubs on Children

Vapour rubs provide relief from congested nose and cold. However, using vapour rub on young children may not be safe. Therefore, it is always wise to seek adv more

How to Keep Children Healthy During Summers?

Taking right care of the diet and preventive measures can help to keep children healthy during summers. Let us find out how to keep children healthy during su more

Is Body Odour Normal in Kids?

Are you worried about your child’s body odour? Find out if it is normal for kids to have body odour.

Top 10 Tips for Raising Healthy Children

Guiding children to follow healthy habits is a must to raise them into healthy and well balanced individuals. Find top 10 tips for raising healthy children ri more

Why Adequate Sleep is Necessary for Children?

Adequate sleep is very crucial for right growth and development of children. Let us take a look at the reasons why adequate sleep is necessary for children.

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Hey dear this is really good to see that you guys are planing to adopt a child and one thing is for sure that you should always go a reputed orphanage ... - Anita    read >>

RE:want 2 adopt a girl child-
Hi dear this is really sad to see that you are still not blessed with a child how many years you are been married if you can reply so that i can guide ... - Anaida    read >>

RE:want 2 adopt a girl child-
Hi dear what a lovely though i must say that you will be blessed with good child and will pray for you for sure, please be positive and every thing wi ... - Anu    read >>

RE:want 2 adopt a girl child-
Hello mrs patna one thing is for sure that you have taken a right decision and would like to congratulate you in this, please feel free to discuss mor ... - Anushree    read >>

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