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Gift the reading habit

intelligent-child What is IQ? Can it be Improved?

The habit of reading can be a lifetime gift for your child.  

Impressionable minds can be nurtured and molded in ways more than one. But books and the printed word are among the best tools used for reaching out to a child. Despite the deep penetrating reach of the visual media, books have a definite edge over other mediums of communication and entertainment. Child psychologists and counselors have often stressed the importance of the reading habit in modern-day children.

However, it is quite obvious that the book culture is on the decline. Parents need to resurrect this habit as it adds multiple dimensions to a child's growth.

  • As books are good portable friends, which have the potential of engaging a child's mind, they can broaden the sphere of experience. A quick read of the adventures of Sindbad, or Alibaba or Robin Hood transports the child to different worlds. He or she can relate to new and thrilling experiences, quite different from everyday happenings. The variety in the book reading is bound to reflect in the child's knowledge. 

  • Reading sharpens the thought processes of a child. It increases his or her attention span. It gives him the faculty of thinking and understanding.  

  • Language is a gift for a child and books give this gift in abundance. Reading a book aloud can be a good exercise not just for memorization but also for improvement of speech and vocabulary. Books trigger a child's imagination.

  • Bedtime reading is considered the best quality time spent with a kid. Psychiatrists feel that bedtime reading helps to build strong bonding with the child.

The printed word is not the sole reservoir of knowledge. Television, Internet and other modern audio-visual media also contribute to the child's growth. However, reading should compliment other mediums. Otherwise, it leads to lopsided development. Just consider these shocking statistics. A 1998 survey of American children showed that 54 per cent chose to watch television when given the options of either watching TV and being with parents. The average American child (between two to 11 years of age) spends around 1,197 minutes per week watching television. Closer home, Indian children fare no better than their American counterparts. Doctors have found that children suffered because of the habit of eating during television time. Children have missed exams and outdoor sports due to their favorite teleserials. TV time also takes its toll on children's eyesight.

It is never too late for your child to start reading. Preferably, catch the child young. Bring him other colorful books, so that reading becomes a favorite pastime. The parent has also got to read enough in order to become a model for the little one. And not to forget, family reading is the best way to grow. Ever remember your initial sessions with your grandma!
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History is full of great leaders who were avid readers and writers. For example, Winston Churchill received his Nobel prize for literature, not peace ! The leadership benefits of reading are wide-ranging. Evidence suggests reading can improve intelligence and lead to innovation and insight. Visit the blog to know more..
Anjali.6 years ago
my daughter loves reading. according to me even if the child does like reading, a parent must inculcate the habit of reading everyday in the child as it improves their vocabulary and also increases their concentraion power.
anjali.6 years ago
what about childer of 2-3 years ge group books
vanitha.6 years ago
can somebody tell me where i can get these books
i am from kuala lumpur , malaysia
Kanaka Asai.6 years ago
would like to know some more books (indian authors') for my daughter of age 4 to start her reading habbit.
swati.6 years ago
i am residing in kuwait and want to know where can i get these books for my daughter of age 5.can i get them in british council library
umasreedhar.6 years ago
our children are fond of books.infact i myself started reading more books seeing them.
D.Ramchandram.6 years ago
yes, reading habit not only in children, but also in adults is on wane. one needs to cultivate habit of reading more books to be more knowledgeble and informative.
Radhuramesh.6 years ago
my younger son love to read books. but asks me to sit with him whenever he want to study, especially before he goes to sleep. but the problem is my work doesn't get completes that time and by the time i completes my work\,he sleeps. i feel guilty. pl. advise.
R.6 years ago
how do i develop a good reading habit? i want to read books, but i get tired after few pages.....!
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