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Signs That You Are Raising a Responsible Child

Signs That You Are Raising a Responsible Child
Responsible kids deserved to walk the path of success. Do you always encourage your child to act responsibly? Here are some signs that you are raising a responsible child.

Responsibility is not a virtue that kids are born with and parents have to take on the onus of teaching their kids to be responsible and mature. There are however, signs which can tell parents whether their kids are going to grow up to be responsible adults. Here are some of the more prominent signs.

Active Participation in Chores

The sense that he or she is supposed to contribute in some way towards home responsibilities is the hall mark of a responsible child. If you give your kid chores and he or she does them at the required time in an uncomplaining way then you can congratulate yourself on having taught the basic tenets of responsibility to your kids.

Doing Homework on Time

A responsible kid will finish homework and class assignments on time as he or she understands that these things are supposed to be done. An irresponsible child on the other hand will have to be coaxed or cajoled or even coerced to do homework. If your child is okay about doing class work or homework even without supervision then it is the sign of a responsible thought process.

Taking Care of Younger Siblings or Pets

The true measure of responsibility lies in the way how a person takes care of those who are weaker or dependant on him or her. If you have younger children or pets at home then keep an eye on how your older kid is behaving with the former. If your older child is responsibly trying to take care of younger siblings and pets then it is a positive sign of a compassionate and responsible mind.

Taking Care of Belongings

A child who has been taught to be responsible will feel obliged to take care of own belongings. If you are raising a responsible kid then you will have to run around less asking him or her to keep stuff organized. A responsible child will clear up the floor and put away the toys mitigating any mess that has been created. A responsible child will also keep track of belongings and keep them safe so that things are not lost.

Understanding the Value of Money

If your child is 7 years old or older than that then it is time that you teach him or her value of money your kid needs to understand that everything in the world including food, entertainment, education etc; costs money and this money has got to be earned by hard work. If your kid shows initiative in trying to earn pocket money then it is a positive sign. Similarly, if your child makes an attempt to differentiate between wishes and desires and thinks twice before asking you for toys or entertainment items then that is a sign of a responsible kid too.

Knowing the Difference between Right and Wrong

Kids are not born with an inbuilt moral compass and it is only with age that the responsibility of being able to differentiate between right and wrong actions come. If you notice your kid deciding or trying to decide between right and wrong actions before acting then it is the sign of a responsible mind. Responsible children will lie less as they are conscious that lying is a bad thing.

Keeping Promises

A responsible kid understands the value of commitment and strives to keep the commitments that he or she has made. In case your kid promises you anything then the amount of effort he or she is putting towards fulfilling that promise is a sure measure of responsibility.
Understand the fact that developing responsibility in a child takes time and patience and will not happen overnight. However, with the right kind of moral education you will soon be able to see the above mentioned signs in your kids.

How to raise a responsible child? What is the importance of inculcating a sense of responsibility in children? What are the characteristics of a responsible child? Discuss here.

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