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Shower Twice A Day

Shower Twice A Day

Does your child shower twice a day? Here's why he should, and why you should encourage him to develop this habit at the outset. Read on.


An evening shower refreshes you in a way that even a morning shower does not. You feel rejuvenated, and have a much more relaxed sleep. Doesn't it feel wonderful to slip into clean, fresh nightclothes after a shower? Encourage your child to develop this habit, so when he grows up, after a tired day's work he will head for the shower and come out feeling like a new person. On the other hand, if he is not accustomed to showering in the evenings, he may not develop this habit later on. Studies show that an evening shower is a great relaxant, while a ten minute soak in a bathtub can also work wonders.


Showering before dinner is a good habit if you are living in warm climate or in humid weather. Similarly, after a day of playing and sweating, it is better for your child's skin if he scrubs out the dirt and grime before dinner. Sweat blocks pores, leading to skin problems, rash, pimples and boils. Most of these would never happen if your child is in the habit of showering twice a day. In the same manner, you should always shower after a workout. Do not just let the sweat dry on you and sit there for another ten hours.

Inculcates discipline

Teaching your child to shower twice a day only goes to enforce disciplinary habits. Encourage your child to shower at the same day every morning and every evening before dinner. You will notice that undisciplined children tend to skip showering altogether. They may shower in the evening after returning from school, or they may skip a day. This habit will continue throughout their life. On the other hand, to shower twice a day takes a certain amount of discipline, and a child that does so is likely to show discipline in other matters as well.

Aids circulation

Encourage your child to use a washcloth or loofah to soap himself while showering. This helps with circulation. Of course, at this age he needn't worry, but at a later age, if he showers twice and scrubs his body while showering, he is doing himself, and his circulatory system, a great favour.

Makes skin more supple

Do you apply body lotion regularly? Body lotion is a lot more effective when it is applied to clean skin. So at night, after showering, apply body lotion to your hands, legs and feet. You could even apply some lotion to your tummy. Do this everyday, and your skin will remain supple for years to come. In fact, if you apply body lotion to your tummy regularly, you may not have stretch marks after your pregnancy because your skin will be supple enough to absorb the stretching without leaving marks!

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Payal.9 years ago
Interesting article! Very useful. As my kid will be going to the Orchids The International School, Bangalore in next few more days, I feel it is essential to encourage my little one to take shower twice a day.
Jack.13 years ago
having shower twice a day is very good habit. even kids likes sometime but it is our responsiblity to encourage them to do it twice. and it is good for their health too.
shanbagh.13 years ago
thats very interseting info about the stretch marks. i will try this and hope it works!
Shannu.13 years ago
a very good article. i have tried it on my son and it works well too...
Sindin.13 years ago
this is abt the article-shower twice a's good.but since we r put up in bangalore,and since my 2 yr old son is a bit allergic, showering twice a day is highly impossible.
chheda.13 years ago
having shower twice a day is good but if it is after coming from school i feel it is good.for my son i will do before the dinner he gets cold.
sm.13 years ago
indeed a good habbit,,,,,iam going to try with my 4 year old ......
Tony S
Tony S.13 years ago
in india some cities face water problem. an alternative is therefore to give a nice hot sponge bath. powder your child well and let him wear freshly laundered clothes. he will have a sound sleep
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