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Hardworking Children

Hardworking Children

Parents do everything for their children out of love. However, sometimes many parents do not realise that doing every single bit for their children will not only make them lazy but also inhibit their ability to do things on their own. Here are some tips for encouraging kids to do their work on their own.

All parents love their children, but you don't need to do all your child's work for them in order to prove your love. If anything, you are causing more harm by increasing your child's dependability on you, and inhibiting her ability to do things by herself.

Don't do your child's work for them

I've known of parents who sit up all night completing their child's projects while the child is fast asleep. Similarly, I recently met a mother who was sending off Rakhis to her daughter's brothers and cousins in the name of her daughter who was at home lounging around in her sleepwear.
Parents sometimes do everything for their children because they want their children to focus on their studies. Remember though that the best students often excel not just in studies, but in extra-curricular activities as well. They are also organized, and chances are that these students do all their work themselves, without their parents having to constantly tell them what to do.
Of course all children are different. Very intelligent children are sometimes not hardworking enough because everything comes so easily to them. A child may be poor at studies but may excel in sports, debates or may be very creative.

Encourage hard work

If your child does badly in school and you turn a blind eye since you have a family business you can hand over to your child, you are essentially giving your child the message that not only is education unimportant, but neither is it important for your child to work hard to accomplish something. If your child doesn't work hard and strive to improve his grades, why do you think he will work hard to grow your business?
True, this is not always the case, and students who have done very badly in school have also proved to be exceptionally successful. However, the attitude of the parents is important. If schoolwork is not given stress in the house, some other form of hard work should be encouraged - either in sports, art, or some other extra-curricular activity.

Don't push too much

Irrespective of where a child's talents lie, you as a parent should try and encourage your child to do all his work himself. Such habits are fostered at a young age. Having the maid do all your work for your child is not necessarily a bad habit, but your child should take the initiative to get things done, either by himself or through others. The difference here is that the push should come from your child, and not from you. It is better to let your child take a few falls in the beginning and learn by himself, without you trying to cushion his falls. So, you can take the initiative to enroll your child in tennis lessons, and encourage him to participate in a match, but then don't push your child into going for practice. You can remind him that he needs more practice, and that the match date is drawing closer, but leave the decision to him. If your child is not regular with practice, he may be badly defeated in the match and this will teach him to be more regular with practice. Alternatively, your child may give up and try something else, but you will need to tell him that he needs to be dedicated to do well - and teach him this at the beginning, before he gets the impression that there are short-cuts to success.

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Gaurang Mishra
Gaurang Mishra.8 years ago
It is good to encourage hard work of kids. However, too much of praise will make children self obssessed and egoistic. Praise generously but also teach them to handle failure in their stride.
Sonia Sharma
Sonia Sharma.8 years ago
Awesome! These are really encouraging to parents and children.
Riya.9 years ago
True! We need to encourage the kids and not to force then to do things.
Vartika.9 years ago
very true! kids should be given responsibility and parents should not help them. This is a learning process so they will learn gradually.
tony.13 years ago
it is a fabulous article.
kyle.13 years ago
my son is 9yrs old but doesn't show any initiative.he is very intelligent but still gets poor marks at school.i am at my wits end in trying to explain to him the importance of studies. please help
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