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You are here : home > Manners and Discipline > Disciplining Children > Do you have a jack-of-all-trades in your home?

Do you have a jack-of-all-trades in your home?

Do you have a jack-of-all-trades in your home?

Teach your child to master the art of perfection and perseverance.
It is natural for a child to show multiple interests and passions in the early years. Your daughter might want to join a karate class because her neighbour does so. She might leave it halfway due to a sudden interest in Kuchipudi dance. One fine day she may just walk out of the dance class and plan an exploratory holiday to Kulumanali. While these shifts in interests should be tolerated in the initial years, children should be also told to pursue certain passions for a logical period. They have to be taught to excel in whatever they do, be it dance, music, karate or trekking. Here are tips for parents about the ways for inculcating perseverance in children.

  • Concentrate on quality
  • Try to streamline your child's passions. It does not mean that you discourage or demoralize your child. Multiple interests are always welcome, as they give fine exposure to the child. However, let the child not learn to keep things unfinished. For example, if your son has left his gymnasium course unfinished, you have every reason not to give him money for any other class in the near future. Ask him to view his interests seriously.

  • Help them find their interests
  • Teach your child to tap his or her personal interests. Sometimes children pursue certain interests due to many extraneous reasons like peer pressure, fashion, momentary whims. They are too young to distinguish between their own feelings. Therefore, parents have to help them take certain decisions. As psychology claims that a child is bound to excel in a field only and only if he or she is interested.

  • No substitute to hard work
  • Be it a hobby or a passion or a liking, your child must be mentally and physically prepared to rough out the hard labour involved in it. Parents have to teach the child to remain consistent while following a curriculum/course/assignment/hobby. For instance, your son might enjoy trekking and mountaineering. But you have to ask him whether he is ready to get up early in the morning and start out for an ambitious expedition.

  • Do not complete a project for your child
  • If your child fails to achieve a target or finish an assignment, never do it yourself. In this manner, the child will never learn to accomplish the task on time. Meeting deadlines is an important aspect of a growing child's life.

  • Give your child proper incentives
  • This does not mean gifts, bribes or money. Incentives mean proper motivation. For instance, motivate your daughter by telling her how good she will look on stage during her dance performance or how wonderful her bedroom will look after she completes the wall hanging that she is working on.

  • Consistency is a virtue in any field
  • Children associate perfection and mastery only with difficult tasks like mountaineering or karate or carpentry. But perfection is needed in anything that one does at any point of time. Even a simple cross-stitch embroidery needs wholehearted concentration and interest. It is no less a task than archery, swimming or architecture.

  • Be patient
  • Do not be too pushy or critical, as this will damage the child's self-image. Perfection and perseverance do not come easily even to adults. Therefore do not expect your child to be consistent at a very early age. He or she is bound to leave some tasks incomplete. But as you groom the child, perseverance will become second nature to the child. It will become a way of life.

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    Ajay.13 years ago
    bossiness will not help our child all the way. we should teach our children to behave in a polite manner.

    good article with informative tips.
    likitha.13 years ago
    really very articles i think this is the best way to treat children.
    Ritu.13 years ago
    bossiness is a trait which usually child embibes due to the pampering he might have got through his parents. some parents are ready to fulfill their childs each and every wish irrespective if the fact how viable is that. this kind of behaviour paves more way to the bossiness of a child
    Lauren.13 years ago
    this article was very imforming. bossy children can be a real problem. i was not aware of how to handle a bossy child in a group of other people. i was always taught that by bring the problem to attention in front of everyone and the child would be embarrased and not do it again. i will put these other techniques into action a.s.a.p
    toni.13 years ago
    i have a bossy child, she is 10 years old and has always had a pretty strong personality. however, i want to assure those who believe that bossiness only happens when a child is pampered, that they are very much mis-informed. my daughter is far from being pampered though i do believe that that might be the culprit. i have been considering that maybe i don't give her any "control" over herself and that is why she might be constantly fighting for it outside of me. because the bossiness is usually acted out with other people.
    CC.13 years ago
    good tips!
    brooke mcgrath
    brooke mcgrath.13 years ago
    just kick that people up the but and tell them off away from other people
    meg.13 years ago
    i don't believe at all that i have pampered my child, if anything i've been strict and tough. however, my daughter is bossy with her peers at school. i am going to encourage good behaviour and whisper when she's bossing, and have a talk every morning before school about how she's going to act towards the other kids. i would be extremely upset if her behaviour led her to having no friends. on the upside, i am glad she's a leader, and hope that, if taught good channelling for the bossiness now, she will grow to be a leader and strong woman.(whilst compassionate and kind).
    lara.13 years ago
    my daughter has been strong willed since day one and now at five can be very bossy at times,i worry that she will isolate herself at school if this continues so any advice on the matter is always helpful.
    ZINA.13 years ago
    it is not good to be pampered.
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