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You are here : home > Manners and Discipline > Disciplining Children > Does your child nurture a hobby?

Does your child nurture a hobby?

Does your child nurture a hobby?

Tips for inculcating hobbies that hold the seeds to a child's future.

Every parent has certain dreams and fond wishes about their child's future. Some parents visualise their son as a high-flying lawyer, while some want their daughter to become a beauty queen. Whatever the ambitions, parents have to realise that children ultimately become what they want to become. Therefore, it is imperative to find out their inherent interests. And once you zero in on some such interest, help the child make the most of this hobby or interest. You never know how these personal interests may flower into a lucrative profession.

Stepping stones into the future

Parents have to emphasise the importance of nurturing an interest that will give immense personal satisfaction to the child, a hobby that will add meaning to life. It has been rightly said, "If you would like to be happy for a day, go for a picnic. If you would like to be happy for a week, get married. If you would like to be happy for a month, go on a vacation. But if you would like to be happy for a lifetime, learn to love what you do.''

Hobbies are not just time-pass

A mother shouted at her son for the long hours he spent on the Spectrum, which is a computer for very small children. Today, she is blessing him and the lord, because the boy is now a well-paid software programmer. You never know which hobby is going to take your children places. So let's take a look at a few that you should encourage your children to pursue, as they might find their road to true happiness.


  • Books are a child's best friends. The book habit is one of the best habits you could inculcate in your little one. Not only will it increase their general knowledge, it will introduce your child to the written world. Reading improves a child's understanding of the world.

  • Any physical activity keeps a child mentally active, fit and alert. Sports like cricket, tennis, swimming, chess and badminton also hold a great deal of career opportunities. Look at Sachin Tendulkar,Vijay Amritaraj, Anita Sood, Leander Paes, Vishwanath Anand and Aparna Popat. They are sportspersons who have made India proud by playing at an international level. A child has to be consciously initiated into a sport. However, he or she should not be pushed at any level. Excellence will come only if and when it has to.

  • Music is the sound of the soul. Vocal or instrumental music can give tremendous satisfaction to the soul. Exposing a child to the sound of music is a way of expanding his or her world beyond the mundane. It is a hobby that can be turned into a lucrative career in this day and age of entertainment, television and music videos.

  • This is a true way of helping children to express themselves and work out all their deeper feelings and emotions. If they have the talent, classical dancing is a respectable profession for a long time now. Be it Bharatanatyam, Kathak or Kuchipudi, a child can derive a lot from these dance forms.

  • Get your little one a camera and watch him or her record beautiful memories. Who knows, you may have a budding photographer or film-maker on your hands!

  • If your child has an aptitude for the ladle, don't stop him from baking a cake. He may just have his own cookery show or a website like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, when he grows up. Or he may even run his own restaurant or chain of hotels. Let's not forget the growing demand and sizeable royalty from cookery books. Parents should not stop their children from pursuing certain professions merely due to the consideration of their sex. Who says that cookery is a woman's domain? The head chef's in most five star hotels are males!

  • This is another great way of letting children express themselves. Research in psychology shows that paintings of a child betray his or her inner mental make-up. It is a very healthy way of releasing pent up emotions.

Any hobby is welcome

No hobby is lesser or less dignified than the other. Children have to be taught to respect each other's hobbies. Be it gardening, making soft toys, playing computer games or theatre acting, children should be allowed to take interest in any field.

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.8 years ago
My daughter likes painting . But sometimes, she colours the whole page black. I find this really strange. Is it normal?
Divyank.9 years ago
nurturing a hobby can help a child in pursuing his career. it helps to open up the emotions.
Snehalata.9 years ago
hobbies are great for development of a child. Could you me how can i find out the interest of my kid?
Manika.9 years ago
My son loves drawing so i have enrolled him in a hobby class. He likes to draw and colour and enjoying his classes.
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