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Always Late!

Always Late!

Is your child always late to school? Don't take the habit of being always late lightly. Deal with it firmly, and break this habit during the early childhood itself.

Many parents don't actively try hard enough to make their child more punctual. At the most, they simply keep reminding their child of the time, telling them to hurry up or they will be late, and so on. This goes on for day after day, year after year… Here's how you can help him break this habit.

Make sure he wakes up earlier

Children that are constantly late have a particular psychology. Instead of getting up earlier the next day, they will still wake up at the same time but will try and get ready faster. This never happens, and they are late yet again - causing them to miss their bus, or reach school late. Before you know it, they will be late for college, late for work, late for meetings, will miss deadlines, and will essentially be late in almost everything in life. This is not how you want your child to be, and if you find that your child is often late for an activity, nip this in the bud. He must wake up earlier than he does everyday. Is it a problem for him to wake up early? Let him try going to bed earlier than he normally does.

Pass on the responsibility

Do you wake your child up every morning? If you do, your child is not taking responsibility for his actions. He is passing on the responsibility to you, so if you don't wake him up on time, he will be late and will blame you. You may even need to keep waking him up while he fights with you every morning. You warn him to get up or you will not wake him up again. He ignores you, and you go back five minutes later and try again.
Stop taking responsibility, and pass it on to him. Get him an alarm clock, and tell him that if he is not up on time, you will not wake him up. Even if he has reaches school really late the first few times, it is worth it since you are working on changing a bad habit that may otherwise last his entire life.
If you still cannot bear to see him reach school so late, enroll him in extra classes, and take no responsibility for ensuring that he reaches on time other than arranging timely transportation.

Plan his timings with him

Help him get more punctual not by pushing him to hurry up, but by planning a strategy with him. Sit him down and speak to him about his unpunctuality. "Why do you think you are always late?" Ask him how he feels about reaching late everyday, and about getting so stressed every time he comes across a traffic signal. Tell him that a lot of people are very unpunctual, and this is a large contributor to why they are not as successful as they could have been.

Explain the significance

Explain to your child that he should not take this lightly, and that he should work towards being more punctual. Ask him what he thinks he needs to do in order to reach on time, and work with him to plan a solution. Tell him what you think he does wrong, and make sure that you tell him he doesn't need to get ready faster, but he needs to wake up earlier.

Let him take the school bus

Generally strong measures work best. If your child leaves the house late and reaches school a few minutes later than the others, he may not try harder the next time. But if your child misses the school bus and has to wait then from a lift from you, or has to walk to school or take public transport, he will be more careful the next time.

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Payal.9 years ago
My child was late to the school. We had some issues on the way to the school. Luckily I happened to see the teacher infront of the Orchids international school gate.I got a chance to explain my situation and I was completely relieved. She was considerate in my case.
prita.13 years ago
good article.
kaushalya.13 years ago
my child is late very often, and has even been sent to the principal a few times. let me try some of these tips and see if they work.
neha.13 years ago
good article
devi.13 years ago
it has some valid points which we ignore most of the time
Sujatha.13 years ago
a good article which gives us valuable tips.
Tigerlily.13 years ago
does this also work on husbands? i'm kidding...kind of...but we have a child that is starting to learn bad habits from dad and i am thankful for this forum. may be dad will learn from his son as he learns better habits.
ranjith.13 years ago
good article and useful for the children above 10 years.
waterfall.13 years ago
i am having a dreadful time with my 14 year old daughter. i find it impossible to get her to school on time in the morning. she just doesn't care about being late. she won't get up in the morning - after her alarm clock i have to keep calling her to get up. quite often she is saying she doesn't feel well just to stay home.
she takes forever getting ready, putting makeup on and doing her hair and i have to keep yelling up the stairs. i have tried making her go to bed earlier and she glares at me and says no and when i finally get her upstairs and think she's asleep, i discover she's still awake later. she comes in my room in the middle of the night sometimes and sleeps in my bed.
sometimes i'll hear the bath running at 10.30 when she's supposed to be in bed and she'll stay in there for ages.
i love her very much, her father and i have separated about a year ago and i know she's finding this very hard. her dad and i are still friends and she sees him quite a bit but she wants us to live together again.
she can be the most lovely warm sensitive girl but a lot of the time she is so full of anger, particularly when i ask her to do something or tell her she can't wear a low top and she swears quite badly.
i am finding it hard coping on my own the majority of the time.
last term she missed so much school and she's not doing very well this term.
i took her to talk to cams in warrington a few months ago but they felt she was okay. however i have made another appointment but it's taking ages.
please can you advise me. i am really stressed about getting her up and to school on time, she is taller than me and she will just lie in bed and refuse to get up until its really late.
it makes me sound pathetic but believe me i have tried so hard to sort things out. can you help please.
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