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How to handle your child's TV time

How to handle your child

Tired of telling your children to stop being couch potatoes? If you have realized that you cannot stop your children from watching TV, here are tips that can at least help you to get the best out of the idiot box.
The kind of TV programmes your children watch can also affect their growth and development. In today’s modern times we cannot keep children completely away from TV but we can at least control their TV watching time to certain extent. Find out how to handle your child’s TV time the right way.

Select the Programmes Your Children Watch

Choose the programmes your children should watch, of course keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. As far as possible, avoid the overdose of sex and violence that is integral to many TV programmes. It adversely affects impressionable minds. You should be able to clearly underline the programmes not meant for children, at least in the initial years. This task is not easy, but one can make a dent when the children are in their formative years.

Watch with Them

Let TV time be family time. While answering your children's queries about television, try to understand their thinking processes. Not only will that establish your rapport with your children, but it will mean quality time that will be cherished throughout life.

Arouse their Curiosity

Ask them questions related to their favourite programmes. TV can be a learning experience if TV watching is made interactive by nature. For instance, while watching a science quiz/mythological serial/chat show, ask them to relate to their classroom experiences.

TV Time Should Never be Overlapped with Meals

Doctors often warn against watching television during dinnertime. Watching TV while eating can cause severe and chronic indigestion. It can also lead to obesity as children sit glued to the TV set. Moreover, they do not enjoy food while concentrating on their favourite programmes. They have to be taught to ration their TV viewing. Otherwise, they will never enjoy other forms of entertainment like reading, outdoor games and sports, swimming and various performing arts. Children have to be consciously introduced to these avenues.

Discourage Late Night Television Viewing

Children, especially the school-going kind, should never be allowed to watch TV after ten' o'clock in the night. Not only does it affect the eyesight, but it also disturbs the morning routine on the next day. Inculcate the `early-to-bed' `early to rise' habit in your little ones.

Do Not Keep TV in Child’s Bed Room

Never install TV in your child’s bed room as you may not be aware of the amount of time he or she may spend watching TV. You may also not be able to find out what kind of programmes he or she is watching. So, make sure that you never allow your child to have a TV set in his or her bedroom.

Involve Them in Other Activities

You can encourage your children to do other activities like playing indoor games or involve them in household chores instead of watching TV. They can learn a lot of new things and develop interest in various things if they get involved in such activities instead of watching TV.

Use Parental Control

There are many parental control features available through which you can control the TV watching habits of your children. There is an option available these days which can enable you to choose only those channels which according to you are good to watch. In this way you can keep your children away from the channels which air undesirable TV shows.
Children should not be exposed to the TV shows which are not appropriate for their age. Also, they should not be allowed to sit in front of TV for long hours as it can cause health problems in them. So, it is very important to monitor the TV watching habits of children. Therefore, follow the above tips and make sure that you make use of the idiot box the right way.

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varsha tyagi
varsha tyagi.8 years ago
Valuable tips Indeed! Thanks a ton. In our home we normally spend TV time together and make call it family time. Instead of watching movies or shows it is better to watch quiz or any other informative shows with kids and make them relate with their experience in class as mentioned here. Planning to share the details discussed here with other parents at the interaction session in my kid's school -Orchids International.
Allen.9 years ago
I really like this article bcos this is the case in my home. My kid watches too much TV and i wanted to put an end to it. I will follow the suggestions.
Aditya.9 years ago
quite true! your suggestions are really remarkable. These will surely help in overall development of the kid who is more into watching TV.
Avahna.9 years ago
Very interesting article. Kids are now more into TV and computers so a time need to be set so that they watch TV for a fixed time.
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