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How to Make Your Kids Eat Fruits

Kids Eat Fruits
Do you want to get your child eat more fruits? Read on to learn about how and when to make your kids eat fruits.

Parents know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables but making kids have them daily is a big task. Fruits are loaded with necessary vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth and development of kids. They are high in fibre and low in calories as well. However, telling a child to have a fruit anytime is not easy unless the child loves that fruit. If you are also worried about this and want your child to eat more fruits, here are some ways to try out.

1. Keep the Fruits within Reach

Usually parents bring in fruits and store them properly so that they remain fresh and crisp for longer. If you have a store far away, you can buy some fruits and stock it as you wish. Just make sure you take some fruits out, wash them and keep within the reach of children. It needs to be visible for kids.

2. Eat Together

Snack on fruits daily and if it is near aspecific time daily, it is better. Children will see you eating fruits and will get tempted. You can also prepare a bowl of fruits and ask her to have or you can share your plate with her.

3. Keep Trying

If you find that your child is not taking interest, do not give up. Keep trying and make sure you have your bowl of fruits regularly. You can try offering new fruits because maybe your child likes another fruit.

4. Make Fruits Presentable

Some children do not like to grab and take the bite directly. Spend some time and prepare a plate of different fruits. Cut the fruits in small pieces and then offer your child. Depending on the age of your child you can add tastes and flavours like chat masala, grated jaggery, fresh cream and many more.

5. Let them Choose their Own Fruit

Always keep in mind that if you have more than one child at home, each one will have different tastes and preferences. Allow your child to pick the fruit he or she wants. You can encourage them to eat others once they get used to of having fresh fruits daily. Also, when children participate in something they like the activity. If you ask your child to choose any fruit, she will pick up one of them, for sure. This is a good start, after all.

6. Make a Routine

If you serve a bowl of fruits or one fruit at a fixed time daily, for example, after your kids get back home after the games, it will get into a habit. Developing good and healthy eating habits are always good and they last for the rest of your child’s life as well.
In addition to the above ways, you should keep trying and inventing new ways to introduce fruits into the lives of your children. If you are unable to persuade your child to have any fruit, you can try offering smoothies by adding some additional flavour to it. Sometimes this works. Moreover, you should not give up anytime. Keep trying and be a role model for your child.
It is advisable to avoid offering juice to your child even if she refuses to have the fruit. Children love variety. So, try offering fruits in different ways and also, different fruits at a time. since fruits have different colours and flavour, they attract children naturally. You can also make a rainbow of fruits or using your own imagination and considering the interest area of your child, enjoy making fruits more presentable.

How to include fruits in the diet of children? Which fruits are a must for children? What are the benefits of including fruits in the diet of children? Discuss here.

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Naina.6 years ago
Banana should be given to kids during the day time only as eating banana at night can result in mucous production.
Dhyaan.6 years ago
Fruits like mangoes are heat inducing and should be given in limited quantity to kids.
Sarbani.6 years ago
Fruits like grapes and oranges are loved b kids the most.
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