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The Power of Juice

The Power of Juice

Although all of us are aware of the multiple nutritional benefits of a glass of juice, some of us still wonder whether it wouldn't be better to simply have the fruit whole, with fibre et al. After all, juicing a fruit removes the fibre and pulp, so it is probably not all that good for you, right?
Wrong. When you juice a fruit or vegetable, you extract the vital nutrients, sugar and water and when you drink it, you intake this directly into your system. So the glass of juice in your hand is literally a glass of rich nectar.
Fulfill your fibre quota from other foods such as chapatti, unpolished rice and so on instead of from fruits. Remember that the nutrition you get from a glass of juice far surpasses that which you get from a single fruit or vegetable. Consider this. One glass of carrot juice is made by extracting the juice from around 15 small carrots. Imagine sitting down to eat 15 carrots. It's not going to happen, is it? So by simply taking in a glass of juice, you are taking in the nutritional value of 15 carrots!
Not everyone benefits from a daily glass of juice though. These days, with everyone suffering from high blood sugar levels, juice should be administered with care. Avoid adding sugar to your glass of juice even if it is not sweet since most juices are rich with natural sugar anyway. If you are a diabetic or if have sugar concerns, consult a doctor before consuming any juice in any form.
The nutritional benefits of drinking a glass of fresh juice far outweigh that which you get by drinking packaged juice, so make the effort to go for fresh juice.
When should you drink juice? Ideally, the best time to drink a glass of juice would be a minimum of 20 minutes before a meal. Don't gulp it down. Juices should be sipped slowly as the enzymes in our saliva digest the carbohydrates present in our juices.

In this article

Beet Juice

Although most juices should be had soon after they are prepared, beet juice is an exception. This should not be drunk immediately after squeezing but should be stored for 2-3 hours in a cool, dark place before consuming. Make beet juice by simply adding one part of beet juice for three parts of carrot juice.

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice is excellent for curing various stomach ailments, including ulcers. It also slows the ageing process and leaves you with beautiful skin. It can also cause gas in certain cases so it is a good idea to mix it with carrot juice and celery juice before consuming. Cabbage juice should be had immediately upon preparation, as it starts losing its very beneficial amino acids soon after. If for some reason you cannot have it immediately, don't worry about it since there are still numerous other nutrients left in your glass of cabbage juice. It keeps in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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ritesh.10 years ago
how is strawberry and pineapple juice helpful to our body.
.11 years ago
Dear K,

Vitamin C is present in Orange n that helps in uptake of iron into blood.
.11 years ago
Dear Ms. Janet,

You are apsolutely wrong. Eating a whole fruit is more healthier than in juice form. Coz, whole fruit supplies the nutrients along with fiber, whereas while preparing juice u add sugar that adds up to empty calories and also filters up the fiber content of the fruit.
sharmila.13 years ago
actually in the united states the contrary belief is held to be true. that it is better to eat a whole fresh fruit than juice.
janet.13 years ago
hi, i'm in boston, and i believe that its better to have juice than to eat the fruit, bec you get much more nourishment that way.
anshu.13 years ago
thanxs for giving us such an informative article. actually my hubby used to tell me it is good to eat raw fruits than juices for better results. now i can tell him see i was right.
thanxs and keep giving such fabulous articles

luv anshu
krish.13 years ago
i am just against this article .our body needs two things daily. dietary fiber and water soluble vitamins. in this article itself you can see we can substitute
unpolised rice and chappathis for fiber. really how many of us eating unpolished rice and using whole wheat for chappathis and also consuming juice with out
adding sugar.and once you addicted for juice you wont consume just water at all. always you will go for juice only. if you ask your dentist he will say dont sip your juice (better use straw for that reason).i will say weekly twice fresh juice would be fine.
John Wayne
John Wayne.13 years ago
moderation is key. a little juice here, a few pieces fruit or veggies there. who cares. eat/drink equal amounts of both if you can't figure it out. and then just hope all your hard healthy work & worrying lowers your chances of a random accident from taking you out. good luck.
k.13 years ago
heard that by eating the whole orange for ex provides you with substances that helps the uptake of the vitamin c contained in the orange
Sonia.13 years ago
i have been drinking vegetable juice over the last 2 weeks for my lunch followed by fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt. my skin is glowing. i mix carrot, celery, red capsicum, fresh ginger, 1/4 red beet, with apple. sometimes a few sprigs parsley.
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