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You are here : home > Food and Nutrition > Eat Healthy Eat Right > How to Make Children Love Drinking Milk

How to Make Children Love Drinking Milk

Milk is rich in many nutrients which are necessary for the healthy growth and development of children. But most of the children make a lot of fuss when milk is offered to them. Read on to find out how to make children love drinking milk.

It does not matter if milk is the first food that a child tastes, many children do not like to drink it. Milk is the best source of calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. If we start talking about the benefits of drinking milk for children, the list will be long. Before we talk about the tips to make your child drinks milk, it is advisable to understand the reasons behind the hatred for milk in children.

Why do Children Hate Milk?

Milk is the first food that kids taste, but as soon as the kid is switched from breastmilk to cow’s milk, many start disliking it. You should not force or try to make your child drink milk if she is lactose intolerant. Moreover, forcing your child to do anything or bribing her to finish the glass of milk is not going to work for long.
Find out the reason why your child does not like milk. It can be because she dislikes plain, white milk or maybe she does not like the creamy part of it. It might be too hot or cold that your child does not like to drink. Avoid the reason and present the milk the way your child likes and you can get your child drinking milk immediately.

Ways to Make Drinking Milk More Fun for Children

Let us take a look at the different ways to make drinking milk more fun for your children.

1. Add Natural Flavours

If your child does not like plain milk, the best way to make her drink milk is by adding natural flavours to it. There are varieties of natural flavours like cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, honey, rose; etch which you can add to your child’s milk. Never add artificial flavours to the milk. Depending on the likings of your child, add different types of natural flavours to the milk from time to time.

2. Make Smoothies

Some children do not like milk and fruits as well. Make milkshakes or smoothies by adding milk to fruits. You can also add honey to avoid sugar and to keep it natural completely. This also gives you an opportunity to add nuts to your child’s milk. Make sure that you add nuts in powdered form to prevent chocking hazard.

3. Use Crazy Shaped Straws

You can have different types of straws in the craziest form available in the market. Shop some of them to present with the glass of milk to your child. Keep changing or else your child will get bored and you will have to figure out something else to make her drink the milk.

4. Use Drink-Ware of Different Colours and Styles

It is possible your child does not like to drink milk from the same glass every day. Kids get bored with stereotyped things. Change the style or colour of the glass and see the difference.

5. Buy Customized Cups

Buy some customized cups or get it made with your child’s photo on it. She is going to love drinking milk from that cup. You can also have different coloured cups for different days of the week just to amaze your child.

6. Sneak Milk in Different Recipes

If you feed your child oats, add milk instead of water and then feed her. You can sneak milk instead of water in many more recipes like scrambled eggs, pasta, mashed potatoes, pancakes and more.

7. Warm or Cold

Serve milk warm or cold as preferred by your child. Some kids like warm, steaming milk while some like cold. Although both are not so healthy in certain circumstances, you can make slight change of temperature to make it healthier.
In addition to above options, you can opt for dunk. Let your child sip milk like tea and offer biscuit that can be dipped in it and eaten. Switch to making some sweets and desserts made of milk from time to time. Above all, in order to make the tricks work, you will have to become the role model for your child.

Why do children hate drinking milk? How to make sure that children drink milk without making any fuss? What are the health benefits of milk for children? Discuss here.

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Barkha.6 years ago
Making milkshakes is the best way to include milk in the diet of children. Kids are appealed due to colourful appearance of milkshakes.
Abhishek.6 years ago
Parents should be a role model for children so that they can encourage children to drink milk.
Sarbani.6 years ago
Drinking milk should be a family habit so that kids can imbibe this habit easily.
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