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You are here : home > Fashion > Women's Fashion > Dressing for The Apple Body Type

Dressing for The Apple Body Type

Dressing for The Apple Body Type

An apple body type means you have a larger upper body. However, by following some dressing tips you can make your body look shapelier. Here are some tips on finding the right clothes for your body type.

When it comes to dressing up, not all clothes suit everyone. Unless you are blessed with a supermodel's figure, you will have some problem areas in your body structure. For example, maybe your arms are too thin or too fat. No matter what body type you have, you can find clothes to complement your figure.

Are you an Apple Body Type?

If you have an apple body shape, your body structure will resemble an apple i.e. wider at the top. This means your upper body will be larger than your lower half. You will have wide shoulders and a back. You may have a large bust line but your arms are likely to be slim. Since your lower body is smaller, you will have small hips and reasonably thin legs. Weight gain is mainly in the upper and central regions of your body so a paunch is a certainty.

Choosing Shirts and Tees

When it comes to tee shirts, opt for a tunic-style top. These tee shirts are slightly flared at the bottom so they can cover a chubby waist comfortably. In addition, the flare will draw attention to the hips. Another option is to try an empire waist shirt. This is a shirt where the waistline on the shirt itself is much higher than the actual waistline. Sometimes, it may be just below the bust line. The empire waist emphasises slim arms and again conceals the waist.
A third choice is to wear a shirt with a slightly lower neck. Pair it with a flashy necklace to keep attention focused on your neck region and away from the chubby areas. Always wear shirts and tees that reach below your waist. This way you can avoid the dreaded 'muffin top' experience. This is a name given when you wear a short top and one can clearly see the bulging waist between your pant and shirt.

Choosing Trousers

Trousers are not a huge problem for you since you do not need to camouflage any part of your lower body. However, avoid wearing skinny jeans or trousers since you would be drawing attention to your waist. Create a balance between your upper and lower body by wearing trousers with a wide leg region to compensate for the heavy upper body. For a chic look, opt for pedal pushers with wide legs. This will draw attention to slim ankles.

Choosing Skirts

As far as length goes, full-length skirts are your best bet. Miniskirts may seem like a good option for your legs but remember they will emphasise your upper body. On the other hand, a long skirt will provide some balance and even appear slightly slim. Choose with a high waistline. These will cover the paunch, and when teamed with a tunic-style top, will hide any tightness or stretching at the waistline.

Choosing Shoes

Shoes can help accentuate the slim lines of your legs. For an evening out, try a stiletto-heeled sandal with delicate straps. For all-day comfort, opt for kitten heels instead. These are shoes where the heel is a maximum of two inches high. If you are going for balance, try heavier heel styles such as wedges. They can smoothen out your overall figure.

Camouflage Tips

Slip on a waistcoat over a sleeveless tee shirt to hide your tummy. At the same time, it will draw attention to your arms. Alternatively, you could wear a layered blouse of a light material like chiffon. The layers hide bulges and the light material gives a better fall to your outfit.
While camouflage is one of your concerns, dressing up also involves focusing on your best assets. Not only will you hide the pounds but also give your body a better shape. Go try out these great tips for an apple-shaped body!

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Silky.9 years ago
good dressing enhances the personality. Dressing according to the body type helps to hide the flaws and accentuate the best features.
sia.10 years ago
very nice article.. must read
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