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Shoe Care Tips

Shoe Care Tips

Your shoes work hard to transport you from place to place. Here are some ways to take care of them.

Shoes are generally the most neglected part of your wardrobe. Although your shoes work tirelessly to protect your feet as you move around, chances are you have not even given them a second thought. You tend to ignore your shoes because they are considered to require no care. When your shoes get old or worn out, you simply throw them away and buy a new pair. However, you can extend the life of your shoes by following some of these tips, depending on the type of shoes you own.

Formal Shoes

Most formal shoes have a cloth lining on the inner sole and the sides. With repeated use, dirt accumulates on them. After a little while, you will actually be able to see the dirt caked outline of your feet on them. The outline can be so vivid that you will even notice toe marks. To get rid of these marks, simply rub a mixture of washing soap and water over them. The insole will be clean as ever.
When you put your heeled shoes away, do not pile them one on top of the other. Place a heeled shoe sideways in such a way that its toe portion is opposite the heel of its partner. Make sure the insides of the shoes are facing each other. Place the shoes inside a cloth shoe bag, before putting them in a box. The shoe bag increases the protection of the shoes.


Granted that sneakers get dirty and worn out due to their rough use but that does not mean you cannot take care of them. Wash your sneakers on a regular basis to keep them looking clean. Use a toothbrush and some soap water to scrub the shoes and remove the accumulated grime. Alternatively, you can throw them into the washing machine and wash them with cold water. Hot water can make them shrink. However, do check the label on your sneakers before you decide to put them in the washing machine. Some companies are very specific about only hand washing your shoes.
Sneakers take very long to dry. Most sneakers require at least one full day of sunlight to dry out completely. This time increases during the monsoon and in days of increased humidity. In a pinch, you can use a blow dryer to dry off excess moisture from your shoes.
Always wear a pair of socks before you slip on your sneakers. The combination of bare, sweaty feet and the enclosed space of your shoes will make your sneakers smell like a garbage dump. Even with socks, sneakers can still emit a bad odour. Once in a while, keep your sneakers out in the open so that some air circulates through them. In addition, sprinkle a little talcum powder inside your shoes to keep bad odour at bay.


In the Indian climate, boots cannot be worn throughout the year. During the summer and monsoon months, they have to be stored away. Before you put your boots away, fill them with paper. This will prevent the boots from bending and creasing. Place boots away carefully so that nothing heavy is kept on top of them.
When you decide to use your boots, take out the stuffed paper and place the boots in the sun for sometime, to get rid of the musty smell. If the boots are made of suede, brush them before using. In the case of leather boots, apply a little shoe polish to keep the shoes looking good.

Your shoes need a little bit of pampering sometimes. After all, happy shoes make for happy feet.

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Prakash chaini
Prakash chaini.9 years ago
Thanks for the tips. I always had problem in keeping shoes when not in use. During monsoons, my shoes were in worst condition. Now i m sure of keeping my shoes happy.
Suzzanne Nayar
Suzzanne Nayar.9 years ago
Women must have basic pair of shoes that include flip flops, sneakers and high heels. These take care of every occasion.
Womens Wedges
Womens Wedges.10 years ago
The style is more relaxed, quirky, and fun. Wedges can be worn where heels might feel out of place, like a barbeque or picnic. But even though they have a more laid-back feeling, they’re still trendy, cute, and stylish.
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