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Building a Woman's Wardrobe

Building a Woman

The wardrobe is an essential part of woman's fashion. It is also necessary to make new additions to the wardrobe regularly to keep it stocked with women must-haves. Here is a guide for making your wardrobe work for you.

How many times have you opened your wardrobe and lamented about having nothing to wear? This happens in spite of having a wardrobe full of clothes. All women go through this phase at least once in their lifetime. Buying tons of clothes does not guarantee that you will always find the right outfit to wear. Building a wardrobe requires plenty of planning and careful consideration.

Try Out Your Old Clothes

This is a preparatory step. Throw open your cupboard and try out each article of clothing in it. Make sure that you look in a full-length mirror after wearing each item. The area around the mirror should have sufficient lighting for you to be able to properly judge how well the clothes are fitting. In addition to trying out the clothes, you will also need to judge if you can move around comfortably while wearing a particular outfit.
If a particular item of clothing fits, the next step is to examine it for rips, loose seams, missing buttons etc. Often, you may decide to wear a dress or skirt and then discover a loose button that you have no time to fix. Trying out the clothes you already fit into gives you a good idea of the clothes you already possess. Then, you can work on adding more items to your wardrobe.
Sometimes, you may find hidden gems in your wardrobe. For example, you might find a suit where the pant does not fit anymore. You can still use the jacket along with another pant. Another example is where you come across a skirt you had meant to wear but you needed to buy shoes for it.

Examine Your Lifestyle

An essential part of building a good wardrobe is to determine where you are going to use your clothes. If you are working in an office, it makes sense to have a wardrobe comprising formal skirts, blouses, and suits. On the other hand, if you are a homemaker, you can afford to be less formal in your clothing. The same thing goes for accessories. Fluorescent clips and hair bands are okay to use at home but may not be welcomed in the workplace.
Once you decide on your lifestyle, get rid of all those clothes that do not conform. For example, keep around three pairs of jeans for regular use and get rid of the rest. If they are in good condition, consider donating them to a particular social organisation. This should free up space in your cupboard to keep clothes that you really need.

Go for Classics

Unless you are very rich, you will not want to keep buying new clothes on a regular basis. When you are out shopping, avoid buying clothes according to fashion trends. What is in fashion now may not be in vogue a year later. Instead, opt for classic items. These clothes can be worn no matter what the current trends are.
Classics are simple yet elegant items of clothing. They are usually in neutral colours. Examples of classic clothing include a white shirt, black skirt and pant, formal suit, black dress, etc. These are accepted clothes for virtually any formal function. You can make yourself stand out from the crowd using a few personalised accessories. They will also add a splash of colour to your attire.
Having a good wardrobe refers to stocking your cupboard with the least number of clothes that can be worn for the maximum occasions. Once you have built up your wardrobe, you will be able to reach into your cupboard for any occasion and pull out a relevant outfit.

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.8 months ago
Thank you for creating such a wonderful blog. I\\\'ve noticed that your blogs have been disappointing me in recent weeks, even though I enjoy reading your posts. This essay is quite appealing, and I\\\'m looking forward to hearing about your new ideas. I look forward to reading your next blog as soon as possible.
badi.9 years ago
hi anandi
You are 5.7", you will look more pretty in saree. for a height like yours saree below navel is most ideal way. just try.
anandi.12 years ago
I m tall thin 38 years old lady. Would like to wear mostly salwars and very rarely sarees. Please suggest me what type of salwar's and saree's are fit to hide my height. I m 5.7" and 50 kgs.
Sarika Singha
Sarika Singha.12 years ago
The monsoon season is here and like always I have been busy filling my wardrobe with the seasons fashion... No wonder clothes and what - not topple over me the moment I open my cupboard! Anyway, I was surfing through fashion magazines in my parlour yesterday when I came across their Best of Femina issue and read really cool suggestions to jazz up my look this season . Especially the trendy retro green hued prints...the spunky purple waterproof handbag and the flirty accessories...And how to acheive that perfect retro look. The sight of them had me rushing off to the stores.
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