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You are here : home > Fashion > Women's Fashion > Five Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Five Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Five Fashion Mistakes Women Make

What happens when fashion sense goes wrong? Know the five common fashion mistakes women make and avoid making them.

Geeta is a 25-year-old marketing executive. She is very particular about her appearance. She knows that she wants to be presentable while making presentations, attending meetings and dealing with clients. She knows that a wonderful personality is necessary along with the business skills to become successful. That is why she takes utmost care to avoid common fashion mistakes which can possibly turn into fashion disasters.
One fashion mistake and your whole look goes for a toss. You have to preserve your individuality while following the rules of fashion. Fashion is all about etching your personality and not aping fashion trends blindly. Avoid these five big fashion mistakes and be stylish yet yourself.

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Bangles are integral part of the Indian culture as well as fashion. Most Indian women love wearing colourful bangles that will go well with their outfits. Some women wear their wrist watches along with a set of bangles. This is one of the biggest fashion mistakes. It is better not to wear your watch at all when you are wearing bangles. Bangles and a watch do not go together. If you have to wear your wrist watch, then wear your bangles on the other hand.
Flaunting too many hair accessories is another fashion mistake that most women make. It is not necessary to use rubber bands, hair claws, bobby pins, and headbands all at the same time. If you think that wearing too many hair accessories will give you a fabulous hairdo then you are wrong. One or at the most two hair accessories at one time are enough to look attractive. Sometimes, going without any hair accessory while letting your hair down will also make you look elegant.

Sporting Heavy Make-up

Applying make-up is also an art. Heavy make-up can mess up all your efforts. Application of light eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss is enough for everyday make-up. You can make use of lip colours, blush, shimmer, and eye-liner if it is some special occasion such as weddings, birthday bashes or evening parties.
Most women make mistakes while doing facial make-up. They end up doing heavy make-up which is not required. It is a myth that heavy make-up will make you look beautiful. While putting on make-up, give importance to one area at a time. If you want prominent eye make-up then avoid using heavy lipstick shades. If you want alluring lips then end your eye make-up with the application of mascara.

Wearing Obvious Lip Liner

Wearing lip liner shade that is too obvious and which does not sync with a shade of lipstick is the biggest fashion mistake. Do not spoil your look by choosing a wrong combination of lipstick shade and that of a lip liner. Make sure that the shade of your lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick colour. Blend the two with a lip brush and get absolutely kissable lips.

Wearing Heavy Jewellery

Exhibiting heavy jewellery without any occasion is definitely a fashion disaster. Many women accompany their ethnic look by wearing heavy chokers, necklaces, and earrings. Girls often wear heavy earrings with their t-shirts. Ear studs are enough to add charm to your formal look. Though you can wear designer jewellery sets with your ethnic wear, minimal jewellery is the secret to look good. Avoid muddling up with heavy jewellery and you will be avoiding a huge error.

Wearing Too Many Colours

The use of colours while dressing talks a lot about your fashion sense. If you are wearing too many colours at a time, then you are making a mistake. Too many matching shades or too much contrast colours could make you look funny. Colours and fashion go hand in hand. Understand shades and hues to avoid being a fashion victim.

Purchasing Clothes Too Small

Quit getting hung up on remaining a size four and start purchasing dresses for the size of your present body. On the off chance that you continue to purchase garments three sizes excessively little, you will seem as though a busted jar of rolls. At the point when you purchase garments that accommodates your body, you will look more slender and feel much improved. Trust us, it's obviously superior to the steady clash of attempting to keep everything sucked and tucked. 
Fix it: Remember measuring across brands is amazingly changed—you could be a size 4 at Gap, and a 10 at Free People. So fail to remember the number! Consider what it looks like and feels. Does it compliment your best highlights? Does it cover your gut or make it more self-evident? Try not to let print or shading hinder you having the option to truly see what's best for your body. 

Purchasing Clothes Too Large

On the opposite finish of the range is purchasing garments three sizes too large. This doesn't, truth be told, conceal your pain points however emphasizes them and can make you resemble a sack woman, really. Being snazzy has nothing to do with being a size 0. Indeed, that implies a few outlines will not be as complimenting on you as say Gigi Hadid, yet you're wonderful and you need to love and shake the body you have! 

Fix it: If you have an issue of purchasing things excessively enormous, start by attempting a size or two more modest. Allow it to absorb, and be available to flaunting your best resources. Have a companion go with you to assist you with becoming accustomed to garments that fit your body. We're not saying you need to purchase a gauze dress, yet your jeans should bend around your butt. In the event that you go through a large portion of your day pulling your jeans up, they are too huge. No droopy bottoms, please.

Not Trying on Before You Buy 

Try not to purchase something on the web or as-is prior to giving it a shot. It can look breathtaking on the holder, yet not exactly astounding on you. Main concern: You just never know until you attempt. The special case? In case you're acquainted with a store or brand you know accommodates your body type and style, at that point put it all on the line! 

Fix it: I realize this fight as a rule occurs at 3 p.m. in a pressed shopping center and you're drained and truly simply need to get a pretzel since shopping is depleting. However, require that additional five minutes and slip on the silk shirt before you burn through $100 and understand it's past the point of no return—you can't bring it back. 

Not Buying for Your Body Type 

I don't mind how adorable it is, a dropped midsection jumpsuit will look ghastly on 98% of the populace. Try not to become involved with trends or quick fashion! Keep in mind, the general purpose is to cause yourself look great and to feel better. Pick outlines that will compliment your best highlights. Regardless of whether you need to accentuation a little midsection or disguise a trouble spot, consider cut and how it hits your body. Additionally know about shading and example. Coral is a shading that looks great on practically all skin types, however be cautious with mustard as it can truly clean a few group out. The equivalent goes for enormous scope prints. In case you're dainty, a major print maxi can overwhelm you if the outline is excessively covered. 

Fix it: If your littlest point is your midsection, dresses that snap or accentuation the characteristic midriff will compliment you the most. In the event that you will in general heft more weight around your stomach however have incredible legs, attempt a coy A-line dress that hits a couple of crawls over the knee. Know that a couple of inches can have a significant effect in looking untidy or stylish. In this way, for instance, in case you're wearing a tunic with pants, the tunic should be more limited than mid-thigh. On the off chance that you go longer, it loses the extents of your body and you seem as though you were unable to choose pants or a dress. 

Disregarding Care and Cleaning Instructions

We get so amped up for buying another dress or pair of shoes yet then totally overlook how to really focus on and keep up these costly things. You've gone through a ton of cash and time developing your storage room, so be certain and observe the underneath significant guidelines. 
Fix it: It's consistently a smart thought to check names and ask store partners, yet here is a speedy rundown to help: 
Utilize felt holders. Wire holders can't uphold heavier textures and will leave little focuses in the shoulders of your garments. 
Never machine dry your bras or delicates. The warmth will transform and destroy the flexible. Continuously lay level to dry or hung over a holder between the center of the cups. In the event that you let your bra swing from a lash on an entryway handle, it will extend the cups and change the fit. 
Never iron sensitive texture. The warmth from an iron can rapidly leave prints on your new pullover. Rather steam out the wrinkles with an iron or let hang in a hot restroom for a couple of moments. 
Quit overlooking Dry Clean Only. Not all things have to be laundered but rather know there's a contrast between Dry Clean and Dry Clean Only. On the off chance that the lable says Dry Clean you're probably still protected to hand wash and hang dry. Be that as it may, be aware of what sort of texture it is and if it's fragile. 
Quit tossing your shoes into the lower part of your wardrobe! To keep up their shape and keep them looking new, store them upstanding.

Dress properly for the setting.

You can consolidate your own style into your outfits for the workplace and for extraordinary events, however level out overlooking a clothing regulation is a fashion violation of social norms and shows slight for the setting. Regardless of whether it's a red carpet, your companion's wedding, or a job interview, ensure you know the assumptions and dress as needs be. You must peruse the room. 

Search for ageless pieces. 

On the off chance that you search for things since they're in vogue, you'll end up with a storeroom brimming with quick fashion garments you won't ever wear. At the point when your closet comprises of immortal pieces that you love, you'll dodge the most noticeably awful fashion patterns. Styling amazing outfits will turn out to be natural.

Fashion Tips to Enhance Fashion Sense

Looking gorgeous is every woman's dream and what she needs are clothing, accessories and make-up. Here are a few tips to avoid some silly and common fashion mistakes.

  • Do not wear chipped nails. Learn how to apply nail polish and flaunt beautiful nails.
  • Choose clothes according to your skin complexion.
  • Reset your wardrobe according to the changing fashion trends. Mix and match can be a smart way to go.
  • Choose the right handbag to suit your attire.
Do not stop yourself from trying out a new fashion fearing that you will make a fashion mistake. Let the fashion bug bite you. It will not be difficult to avoid faux pas and stay away from miserable situations because now you know how to chant the fashion mantra.

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Gary.7 years ago
I love accessories very much, especially watches. I've bought last my at authenticwatchstore, fossil brand. They are awesome. I don't go out without them.
Angelia.9 years ago
i feel over accessorizing is bad. it looks garish
Hastao.9 years ago
Plus size women should avoid cloths that are tightly fitted which will only reveal their excess fat, while women with bigger upper side and small hip should also avoid wearing tight pants and large tops as this only accentuates the upper part and reduce the size of the hips.
Sealdah.9 years ago
Some women adorn themselves with excessive make-up. Make-ups should enhance our beauty.go for colors that suit your skin tone as not all shades of lipsticks or eyeshadows fit all skin color.
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