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You're a busy, busy person. Your day is either taken up in the office, or your household routine just never seems to end. The day goes on and on, and finally at night, you collapse into bed, exhausted. Exercise? Who has the time! Well, here's how you can squeeze exercise into your daily routine, without keeping time aside. Remember, this is not a substitute to a workout - and you should definitely try and keep at least an hour a day - or three times a week - for exercise. But if that's just not possible for the time being, here's the next best thing. 

  1. Take the stairs. If your home or office is on the 23rd floor, get off on the 20th, and walk three floors. 
  2. Feeling thirsty? Don't holler for a glass of water. Get up and get it yourself. Every little bit counts. The key is to keep moving. 
  3. While sitting at your desk at work, fold your palms together in front of your chest in a 'namaste' gesture. Press them as hard as possible, and keep them pressed for a few seconds. Repeat this around ten times throughout the day. 
  4. In office, don't sit on the toilet seat. Hover on the air just an inch or so above the seat. You will feel your thighs tightening within a week. 
  5. Do a quick set of a workout while you're behind closed doors. Try this: With your feet firmly planted 18 inches apart, twist right, as far back as you can, holding out the left hand. Stay in this position for a few seconds and feel the pull in your stomach. Come back in front and turn from the left, pushing with your right hand. Do this around 6 times in each direction. 
  6. The more water you drink, the more you will visit the loo and the more the benefits you will reap - so drink up! Water is excellent for health. 
  7. While standing, waiting for the lift, for the bus or for your child to come out from the nursery, clench your butt as tight as possible, hold for 6 seconds, and release. Do this six times. Make sure your back is towards the wall or that you're wearing a long shirt, if you don't want everyone to give you strange looks. 
  8. Every day, without fail, do at least 30 stomach crunches. If you find you never have the time, do them in the morning as soon as you awaken, before getting out of bed.
  9. While walking around and getting ready in the morning, practice abdominal breathing. Take a deep breath, and while inhaling, push your stomach OUT - don't pull it in or you'll be straining the heart. While exhaling, pull your stomach IN. 
  10. Any time during the day, exhale and pull your stomach as far in as possible. Hold this position for six seconds, and inhale. Do this as often as possible - at least ten times a day. Don't do this just after eating. Wait at least a couple of hours. 
  11. Put the pep in your step! Don't make slow, lazy and languid movements. Walk fast, with your head held back, shoulders straight, stomach in and chest out. Move quickly, even while doing housework like laying the beds or dusting. Move your hands, move your feet and move them fast.

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