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A Man's Guide to Cologne

A Man

Most men wear cologne on a regular basis. Here are the answers to some commonly asked queries regarding men's fragrances.

In today's world, grooming for men has assumed great importance. The scruffy, unwashed look is out. The modern man is expected to be presentable at all times. These expectations are more important for the working man. Clean clothes, minimal accessories, and good hygiene are just some of the basic parameters to follow.
One of the most important accessories for a man is a good fragrance. This could be in the form of a scent, after-shave, or cologne. However, there are a few guidelines to follow while selecting and wearing your fragrance of choice.

A Small Amount is Enough

Wearing cologne does not mean literally having a bath in it. Some men douse themselves in so much cologne that other people can pick up the scent from across the room. The key to deciding how much cologne to use is to follow a simple rule. If people want to determine what cologne you are wearing, they should have to come close to you.
When you apply cologne, do not apply more than one or two fingers' worth. This is the normal amount if you simply dab cologne on your body. Alternatively, you can even use a spray bottle to apply your cologne. In this case, a single squirt of the bottle is more than enough.

Do Not Mix Scents

Step back and examine how many scented products you use for your typical grooming routine. Most men use an after-shave, deodorant, and cologne on a daily basis. In addition, a man may also use a scented body wash while he bathes. Make a note of the scent of each product you use. You have to ensure that the scents of all the products do not clash with each other. Otherwise, you will end up repelling people rather than attracting them. As far as possible, do not use products that vary greatly in their scent. Also, use only small amounts of each scent.

Apply it to a Few Areas

Ideally, cologne is applied directly to the skin, rather than on the clothes. Cologne tends to combine with your body's natural fragrance to form a unique scent of its own. This is the reason why cologne that smells good on one man does not have the same effect when another individual applies it.
The best places to apply cologne are on the insides of your wrists and on the neck, just below the earlobes. Another area to apply cologne is in the chest region, on the skin over the heart region. All these places are supposed to provide maximum scent with minimum application of cologne.

Change Cologne According to Season

When the weather is warm or hot, the increased heat contributes to the effect of the cologne on your skin by intensifying its scent. In summer, opt for lightly scented colognes, as these will become heavier when you wear them. Good cologne choices in summer include ones with citrus or grassy accents. On the other hand, in winter, cologne tends to have a muted scent. During this season, use strong musk or wood-based scents. These will ensure that your cologne can still be distinguished.
Cologne can also be specific to an occasion. The rule of thumb is that an all-day cologne, such as one worn to work, should be a lightly scented one. If you are going out for the evening or to a formal occasion like a wedding, then wearing a stronger scent is preferred.

Reapplication is Sometimes Necessary

Men usually apply cologne in the morning before they leave for work, and let that be for the rest of the day. However, men too can reapply their cologne during the day. A slight dab of cologne in the afternoon leaves you feeling fresh until the end of the day. The renewed fragrance can also pep you up.

Whatever your choice, wearing cologne is a sign of a well-groomed man. It also indicates that you care about your appearance.

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Shitzu.9 years ago
Cologne is an integral part of men's fashion. Women as well as men need to know about its usage. Very good information is given here.
Ashney.9 years ago
very good guide. Interesting tips.Must read article
Pamela.9 years ago
I really love the smell of cologne. when my husband comes after bath and dabs on cologne, it really makes me feel happy. I want to give him a cologne on his birthday.
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