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Jewellery For Him

Jewellery For Him

Do not want to gift your husband another watch this birthday? How about a set of cuff-links instead? Or may be a trendy bracelet? Read on to find out more jewellery gift options for men.

It is sheer joy to watch your growing daughter and her increasing interest in jewellery. Her choice in ornaments seems to evolve to keep pace with her transition to womanhood. Is your son allowed the same options in flaunting his taste through pieces of jewellery? Or is he supposed to like only sports?
If your husband, son or nephew is interested in ornaments, relax. It is not just the rappers who sport jewellery. Emperors have done that, as do stylish sportsmen and the new metrosexual man—and they look good wearing them. Though the regular Joe will root only for wrist watches, among male accessories, there is no reason for him to be restricted to them.
Indian aristocratic men traditionally sported heavy, stone-studded jewellery to complement their silken robes. Here we are discussing sober, light pieces that you can buy for your man to wear everyday with his usual attire. So the emphasis is on pieces that go well with the common western attire adopted by the urban male, for formal and casual wear.

Types of jewellery

Items of jewellery sported by men generally include:
  • ear studs
  • tie pins/tacks
  • cuff-links
  • collar bars
  • bracelets
  • chains around their necks
  • finger rings
  • designer watches
These are easily available in designs that are distinctly masculine in style and understated in elegance.

Interest in Pieces of Jewellery

The average man's interest in jewellery and accessories is typically dictated more by current trends and his peer circle. Other influences could also be his individual passions and the associated fashion that, in his mind, marks his identity. Take for example, rap musicians and their followers; they would be the only people brave enough to sport those giant gold medallions and chains.
It is the same with the flashy decorative jewellery endorsed by rock stars and matinee idols for particular movies. Their fans may readily adopt the trends, but not many others do. Nevertheless, today's men in the age group of 18-45 are more than likely to be persuaded, if not downright interested, to try out masculine jewellery. When even a generation back, wearing jewellery was not looked upon favourably, now it has become a welcome addition to most wardrobes.

Settle for Metal and Things Natural

Though in some Indian communities, men opt for simple designs in gold, they are catching up with international trends. Designer and made-to-order pieces in stainless steel, silver, titanium, tungsten, leather, and carbon fibres, and eye-catching combinations of these, are becoming increasingly easily available, frequently sported, and unabashedly admired.
Love for things natural is as much a man's trait as it is a woman's. You can spot many men wearing pendants that are actually bits of stones or shells on black threads. And they are not just trendy collegians. Executives too wear some very classy pendants with their semi-casual attires, and carry them off elegantly.

Gifting options

For gifting purposes, bracelets are an excellent option. Especially if you are buying a gift for some one who is not very keen on wearing jewellery, a bracelet can make a very discreet and elegant starting point to more experiments with jewellery. It is also a very safe gift to get for a man with whom you are not familiar.
If it is a wedding band, a simple strip of metal wrapped around the ring finger and made of the groom's favourite metal, is best. However, it is a very personal gift, and unless you know the person well, this gift item is best left to others closer to him to buy.
Here is a sure-shot tip to buying a piece of jewellery for a man and ensuring that he wears it. Take a cue from the one accessory he unabashedly dotes on—watches. Yes, just observe the kinds of watches he wears and adores, and you have a fairly good idea of the kind of jewellery he will prefer.
If he prefers elegant watches, try some subtle, stylish designs; guys who adore sporty watches, on the other hand, may be game for some funky jewellery.
While blue stones add a distinctive masculine charm to metals, clusters of multi-coloured stones may not be easily carried off by most men. Diamonds are another crystalline aesthetic appeal that adds nicely to men's jewellery. Steel and the colour blue contrast and complement the Indian males' complexion just right.

When in doubt

  • Shop for a man while keeping in mind his individual aesthetic sense. If he seems more comfortable with a classy theme, stick to this even if you feel casual would suit him better. That is, unless you want your gifts to keep piling up un-worn in his cupboard.
  • Elegant male accessories are as expensive as women's jewellery. So spend time researching before you buy—after all, these are lifelong investments.
  • Steel, chrome, and blue in fetching designs are classy enough for a formal do and yet funky enough for casual wear.
  • Leather and rubber may look very nice but may be difficult to wear during summer in tropical climates, in the summers, especially if your man is into sports or just sweats a lot. Consider the more expensive but very comfortable carbon fibres to add a rich note to his accessories.
  • When deciding between classy and trendy, remember that the former is always a safer bet. Trendy may seem silly to some people after some time as they get outdated, while classics are forever dependable.

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Shriek.9 years ago
It is very tough to decide on a jewellery for men. Thanks for your guide, I m now able to make a decision.
Miander.9 years ago
I love chunky bracelets. Silver bracelets are best for me.
Sharon Stope
Sharon Stope.9 years ago
this is a great article. I was thinking of gifting some jewellery to my boyfriend but was not aware of what to give. Thanks for helping.
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