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A Man's Basic Wardrobe II

A Man

A man's wardrobe does not consist only of formal clothes. Read about the basic casual clothes requirements for men. Get ready to be always perfectly dressed by building an ideal wardrobe.

There is a popular saying that clothes make a man. This does have some truth to it. After all, a well-dressed man makes a better impression on his co-workers than a poorly dressed one. The right accessories also contribute to overall appearance. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Outside the office, jeans are the preferred option for most men. They can be worn casually or for a semi-formal occasion like a neighbourhood party. Although jeans are considered 'casual', they still have a certain standard to live up to. The first consideration is the fit. When you buy jeans, make sure they fit you properly. Wearing jeans that are three sizes too big and fall down when you walk is only meant for rap stars. In addition, choose the right style depending on your body structure. Skinny jeans may be in fashion but only a few people can actually carry off the look.
Faded jeans are the rage but the fading should be restricted to only few areas of your jeans. Similarly, avoid jeans that are ripped. The only time torn jeans are 'cool' is when you are a teenager attending a rock concert. In addition, avoid jeans in loud colours like yellow, orange, etc. Buy regular blue or black jeans for a start. Later on, you can add colours like brown, grey, etc.


Chinos are an alternative to jeans. It is short for chino pants and is made of chino cloth, which is a type of cotton-based fabric. The pants are available in many colours but basic chinos are usually tan, beige, or grey. Chinos are lighter than jeans and resemble formal trousers. They are also the preferred casual wear during the monsoon since jeans become bulky when they are wet and they require long time to dry. In comparison, chinos dry faster.


A blazer is a nice way to complement a simple outfit. It is especially useful if you are going for dinner to a slightly fancy restaurant but do not want to dress up. Another option is to have a sport jacket. For wearing on jeans and dark-coloured pants, a blue jacket works best. In addition, a blazer will also keep you warm on chilly winter nights. Other blazer colours include brown, tan, and grey. Initially, purchase one blazer and note how often you use it. If you use it regularly then consider investing in another jacket.


Shirts are the staple of any man's wardrobe. Depending on the occasion, the type of shirt used will differ. For office wear and on formal occasions, long-sleeved shirts are preferable. They should ideally be in solid colours or have a few vertical stripes. For casual use, shirts can have short sleeves. They may be self-coloured or can have different patterns on them. Again, avoid shirts with designs that are too loud or inappropriate.


You may not be much of an athlete but that need not stop you from emulating the athletic style. Shorts may be great for lounging about in the home. But you would need to change if you had to suddenly go out to fetch something. Instead, track pants are comfortable enough for you to wear at home and to the neighbourhood grocery store.
Invest in a pair of sneakers for weekend wear and whenever you are not at work. For the Indian climate, it is also wise to have a pair of sandals or floaters handy. These can be worn for a picnic at the beach and whenever the weather gets too hot.
A wardrobe takes time to build up. Start with the basics and keep adding to your clothes as time passes. Focus on buying clothes that are practical and suit your lifestyle.

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Mrigank.9 years ago
Branded clothes look good as they have a good fit and also clean cuts. I always go for brands and if it goes over the budget then i wait for sale.
Mrigank.9 years ago
Branded clothes look good as they have a good fit and also clean cuts. I always go for brands and if it goes over the budget then i wait for sale.
Shikhar.9 years ago
Some men have poor dressing sense and it really looks bad. Very loose or low jean are an eye sore. I think you should post an article on what not to wear for men.
Dinkar.9 years ago
good article. but i want to know what to avoid wearing so as to avoid the mistakes.
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