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Colour and Men's Fashion

Colour and Men

Why should men be restricted to plain clothes? Here are some tips on adding colour to your wardrobe without going overboard.

A decade ago, shopping for men's clothes was a drab affair. When you walked into any shop, you were shown shirts that were plain, striped, or checked. Any of these shirts would be available only in three or four colours. However, in today's society, men's fashion has carved out a niche of its own. Men now have a wider range of colours and designs to choose from. Yet, most men still prefer to play it safe. This is largely because they are unsure how to go about finding the right colours to suit them.

Summer is for Colour

Summer conjures up visions of greenery and blooming flowers. It is the best time for men to experiment with their regular style or simply add colour to their wardrobe. In summer, you are expected to wear light coloured clothes, to combat the heat. Try out lighter variations of colours like green, yellow, orange, etc. There are no limits on what you can wear. If you opt for some variety, you will also be better able to judge what colours are suitable for you. This will depend on your skin tone and your hair colour.

Avoid Beige Shirts

When it comes to shirts, beige is not a good colour choice. This is because it is the closest colour to your skin tone. On light skin, a beige shirt will most likely make you appear washed out and pale. This will give you the appearance of having just walked out of a hospital. For darker skin tones, the beige will draw attention to your face and make you look even darker. Always keep beige coloured clothing away from your face.

Blue is a Good Option

Blue is a universal favourite as it complements virtually all skin tones. Lighter shades of blue are good as office shirts. They can even be teamed up with jeans, for a semi-formal look. Dark blue tee shirts are a great option for a sophisticated, yet casual appearance. The most striking hue though, is a colour known as French blue. This rich colour is intermediate between light and dark blue shades. It is mostly used in dress shirts, to complement a formal occasion.

Solid, Bright Socks are Out

Socks are meant to emphasise your regular attire. They should not draw attention to themselves. Socks with solid bright colours are a strict no-no. These socks are loud and will make you look like a runaway from the circus. At the same time, plain white or black socks are passé. Socks can be of colours like grey, brown, blue, green, etc. They can also have patterns like stripes or argyle, a diagonal arrangement of diamond shapes. However, always make sure that the socks you are wearing do not clash with the rest of your attire.

Steer Clear of Loud Patterns

Loud patterns are a remnant of the eighties. In those years, having long, puffed up hair, and wearing brightly coloured shirts with bizarre patterns was the popular dressing choice. Today, the fashion trend is leaning towards minimalism. Clothing with loud patterns makes a statement like 'Hey! Look at me'. Brightly coloured patterns are okay only if you happen to be a young child. For adults, they are garish and must be avoided at all costs.

Look around You for Inspiration

If you find yourself wondering just how to go about adding colour to your wardrobe, simply look around you. Whenever you pass a garment store, take a minute to look at how the mannequins are dressed. For more inspiration, take a trip to a designer boutique. Designers are excellent at utilising colour schemes for clothes. You do not need to purchase expensive clothes. However, it will give you some idea of how to incorporate colours into your apparel.

A man who can wear colour will definitely make an impression wherever he goes. Do not be afraid to change your style. Start by making small colour changes to your clothing preferences.

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Foccit.9 years ago
I think pastels look good in men but some men also look cool in bright colours. It depends on the personality
Brent.10 years ago
Wow, this article is pretty much just a rewrite of Same tips in the same order, just with different wording. Plagiarism FTW!
nicholas.13 years ago
well, i love wearing tuxedos; your article has given me wonderful insights on how to choose my colors. You're great.
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