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A Man's Basic Wardrobe I

A Man

A well-equipped wardrobe is an essential part of men's fashion. It is also necessary to make new additions to the wardrobe regularly. Here is a guide to making the best wardrobe for men.

It is a known fact that in olden days, most men never cared about their wardrobe. A man woke up in the morning, picked out a shirt and pant, and went off to work. Weekends were spent lounging around in shorts and a tee shirt. Times have changed. Today, the average man is more interested in his appearance. He visits the beauty parlour for a haircut and even subjects himself to procedures like facials, massages, manicures, etc.
This interest in fashion extends to his wardrobe. He is looking beyond traditional clothing alternatives. However, certain articles of clothing have a timeless appeal. Here is the best men's wardrobe for all occasions.


A suit is essential for any man. In the corporate world, a suit is a must, especially for those high-profile business meetings. However, even if your work does not demand a suit for everyday use, it is still handy to have one around. A suit is the ultimate formal attire. If you go for a job interview for the post of an executive, wearing a suit means you will definitely make a good impression on your potential employer.
You will need at least one suit in case the occasion you are attending demands it. Ideally, choose a suit in a classic colour like grey or navy blue. Black is predominantly a colour that is worn at occasions like weddings and funerals. So avoid wearing a black suit for all occasions. Navy blue and grey on the other hand are considered neutral colours and can be worn for all occasions.
Invest in a suit of good-quality material. A good suit will last you years. It may be a little expensive but it is worth it rather than compromising on quality. In addition, how a suit fits is also important. Ideally, you should get a suit tailored to your measurements. However, even if you are purchasing a readymade suit, do not hesitate to ask for alterations in case you feel it does not fit properly.

Belt and Shoes

A good quality belt is a prerequisite in a man's wardrobe. A belt does more than just hold up a pair of loose trousers. It also acts as an accessory. The same goes for a nice-looking pair of formal shoes. Scuff marks should be brushed away on a regular basis. In addition, polish your shoes regularly and attend to any signs of wear and tear.
For the shoes and the belt, black works best. A black belt may be worn on a formal pant, as well as jeans or chinos. Same goes for the shoes. Brown is another preferred colour though it does not quite provide the same effect as black does.


A tie need not be worn only with a suit. The Indian climate is warm for most of the year so men look for other alternatives to complete the formal look. This is where ties come in handy. For a suit, ties in solid colours are preferred since it adds a hint of colour to an otherwise sober-looking ensemble. For printed ties, stick to those with a few stripes or dots. These are more than enough for any business meetings or occasions like formal dinners, company parties, etc. Avoid wearing ties with loud designs or funny messages printed on them. These may seem amusing but they are also considered unprofessional.

White Shirt

The classic white shirt is versatile and is especially handy when you urgently need an outfit. Invest in a white dress shirt for more options. The white shirt may be worn with a suit for a classic formal look. It can also be worn with any dark-coloured trousers to create a contrast. Although the shirt looks great with jeans, avoid using it for casual wear. You can use the shirt with jeans when you want to opt for a semi-formal look.
A man's wardrobe emphasises on functionality. A basic wardrobe is capable of catering to his every outfit's need.

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Sudhir.9 years ago
White shirt is classic and it looks great any time and at any event. I have about a dozen white shirts that i mix n match
Wahid.9 years ago
Agreed fully white shirt never fails to make mark. It is always a show stealer and never goes wrong
Sudhir.9 years ago
White shirt is classic and it looks great any time and at any event. I have about a dozen white shirts that i mix n match
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