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You are here : home > Fashion > Men's Fashion > Five Hot Haircuts for Men

Five Hot Haircuts for Men

Five Hot Haircuts for Men

Know about latest hair styling trends and hair styling tips for men. It is easy to look smart and handsome with a new haircut.

Amit has hair that every guy would desire for. Shampooing and conditioning are everyday practices for him. He always keeps himself updated on the current hair styling trends. He never goes wrong with his haircut. His hairdo changes with every season. He is the hottest guy in the college and on the mind of almost every girl. Would not you like to be like him?
Most men prefer to keep their hair short. Some like long and silky locks. Men have lot more hair style choices as compared to women. Your lifestyle, your profession, your personality, and your hair texture are some factors that you should keep in mind before opting for any hairdo. Men's hairstyles are easy to get and easy to maintain. Hairstyle you wear can say many things about your overall persona. Here are five trendy hair styles for men.

Straightened Hair

Having long, silky and straight hair is the silent desire of every guy. Hair straightening procedures allow you to get straightened hair. Grow your hair till the shoulders and then undergo hair rebonding. You can also get straightened hair by applying some hair styling products that are available over the counter. You can also hit the salon to get straight and silky hair.

Spiked Hair

Spikes are cool and trendy. They give you a 'cool dude' look. Spikes are suitable for short hair. Spiked hair is one of the short-hair styles and it requires just a few seconds to get the perfect spiked look. Teenagers and college-going guys mostly go for this one. Getting the spiky look is easy. Get some good quality hair gel, spread it on a palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply to your hair. Now you can work on your hair to get spikes as you like.


Amitabh Bachhan, the Big B of Hindi film industry popularized the ponytail look through his film 'Chini Kum'. Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan too sported short ponytails recently. Well set-hair with hair gel and a small ponytail at the back is the popular look which will make you look smart and sturdy. You can also part your hair in the middle and tie remaining strands at the back in a ponytail. Bearing ponytail is the current trend.

Crew Cut

Crew cut is a short hairdo. It is somewhat similar to the military look. Crew cut is so easy to carry on that you even do not need a comb or brush. A short crew cut is also a hot look this season. Short crew cut looks cute on guys who have perfectly oval shape face. The fact is anyone can model this cut. Crew cut is perfect for professionals as well as for sport persons. If your busy life does not allow you to look into the mirror, this hairdo is for you.


Bangs are always in and they look really stylish. Bangs are mostly for young men. Older man may opt for cut with bangs to hide his age. Bangs are a part of hair that falls on the forehead. Bangs help you to look young as well as fashionable. Keeping bangs is the most in thing nowadays. In fact, haircuts with bangs will never go out of fashion.

Hair Styling Tips for Men

Men hairstyles can differ according to the length of the hair. Well maintained tresses are the first requirement if you want to try out various hair styles. Here are a few tips to get the hairstyle you desire.

  • Make use of good quality hair styling products like hair gels, hair mousse, and hair spray.
  • Wash your hair often. There is no harm in washing your hair everyday but to maintain natural oil, wash your hair thrice a week.
  • Make use of shampoo followed by a conditioner. Do not use body soaps to wash your hair.
  • Do not use hair styling products more than required. Excess use of hair styling products which have chemical contents can harm your hair cuticles in the long run.
  • Cut your hair from a professional hair-stylist. Explain to him or her beforehand what kind of haircut you want.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Do not keep one hairstyle for long. Do not be afraid of trying various hairstyles and haircuts.
  • Are you receiving loads of comments like, 'this haircut looks cute on you' or 'nice hairstyle' from girls? Well, then you are sporting a really trendy hairdo!
  • You may opt for different hair colours and highlights to change your entire look.
Caesar cut, crew cut, classic cut, bantu knots, brush cut, spikes, bowl cut, razor cut, induction cut, clipper cut are some of the other men's haircuts which are classic. Are you sure the haircut you are wearing at the moment is trendy? Go visit a salon and get the hottest haircut of the season for yourself today!

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Steven.9 years ago
Really nice article. Thanks for updating on hair styles. Many styles I had wanted to have but didn't know the names so could not opt for it.
Meshnt.9 years ago
I do not think bangs are a good style option for men. It is a girlie affair.
HRITIKS lOCK.13 years ago
hey thats a really nice the way I am a beautiful lock on Hrithik’s head full of gorgeous hair! As I have observed, from my vantage point (of being on top of Hrithik’s head, duh!), a lot of you want glamourous locks…but (sigh, sigh) very few of you manage to look like me. So, I will try to be at my swishiest best and using my enviable position to best advantage, I’ll tell you the secrets of my beauty and of course, I’ll give you a glimpse of what goes on in Hrithik’s world. Follow me at See you there!
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