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Risks of multiple birth pregnancy

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Delivering multiple babies carries some possible complications. Find out the risks of multiple birth pregnancy.

Swati was mesmerised when she came to know that she is carrying twin girls. Her ultrasound report was showing it clearly. She started planning for their arrival. So many things were on her mind from naming her little angels to shopping for her babies. On the other hand she was also worried about possible complications during delivery as she was carrying more than one baby. Doctors cleared her doubts about giving birth to twins. Finally she gave birth to healthy and cute twin girls without any complications.

While Swati's pregnancy was safe, in some cases there are possibilities of risks in the multiple birth pregnancy. Know some aspects of the multiple birth pregnancy so you can take the right steps to prepare yourself to give birth to your babies.

What are the chances of multiple birth pregnancy?

Usually human multiple births take place naturally. On the other hand, fertility drugs prescribed as the part of the fertility treatment could lead to multiple birth pregnancy. Studies suggest that number of multiple births have increased in numbers over the past several years. Though birth of twins and triplets are common, cases of quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets are rare. The world's first surviving septuplets were born in 1997.

Family history of fraternal twins increases the chances of bearing multiples. History of multiples on maternal side could increase the chances even more. If you are taking fertility drugs then there are higher possibilities of multiple births. If mother's uterus is larger in size than normal, she is likely to have multiples. Ultrasound testing is suggested if you are suspecting a multiple birth pregnancy.

Delivering multiple babies

A mother can face complications while giving birth to more than one baby. The time gap between the deliveries of two babies is not more than one hour if it is a vaginal birth. The size of the each fetuspregnancy. A normal vaginal birth is absolutely possible in a multiple birth pregnancy. Following are the possible risks if you are carrying multiples.

Risk of c-section delivery

The risk of Caesarean is higher if a mother is carrying multiples than if it is a normal pregnancy. The position of the first twin will decide whether you need a c-section delivery or not. Carrying multiples put more pressure on your uterus as compared to single birth pregnancy. Preparing yourself for the pregnancy by eating well and following good nutrition plan will help to decrease the risk of c-section even if you are carrying twins or more.

Risk of premature delivery

Mother carrying multiples is at a risk of premature delivery. Labourpremature birth can result in more health challenges for newborns. Mothers of multiples are likely to experience preterm labour. Thankfully, the advancement of science and technology has created a hope for the premature babies. Preemies have the capability to overcome complications due to advanced medical technologies.

Risk of gestational diabetes

If to-be-moms are carrying multiples they are likely to get gestational diabetes. Carrying more than one baby increases the levels of hormones. The increased levels of hormones interfere with body's ability to process insulin. Gestational diabetes does not have any potential health risks for a mother or a baby. It can be kept under control with proper diet. Gestational diabetes is temporary.

Risk of miscarriage

Some parents choose to abort one or more babies if a mother is carrying triplets or more. Though it is a highly subjective decision, it will reduce the later complications and health risks. Chances of miscarriage are higher if a mother is carrying triplets or more. A thorough discussion with your doctor and you partner will help you to recognise benefits and risks of multiple pregnancy.

These are the common complications a mother carrying twins or more can face. A mother can confront other complications such as heart ailments, high blood pressure, anemia and digestive problems.

Maintaining proper diet, visiting your health care provider regularly for check-up and taking all possible precautions to prevent risks will help a lot if you are carrying multiples. Delivering twins or more babies is considered as a blessing in many cultures. Enjoy your first moments with your babies and be ready to take up the challenge of parenting your little wonders.

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Very informative article. Great!
Beenal.3 years ago
I Conceived after many unsuccessful IVF attempts. What are my chances of having multiple births?
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I am carrying triplets. it is a very overwhelming experience for me and my family. I am feeling a bit nervous but am very excited.....
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