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Intelligent Child

What is IQ? Can it be Improved?
Everybody wants their child to be smart and do well in school and other extra-curricular activities. In today’s world of cut throat competition it is a rat race out there. Read tips and ideas on how to make your child smarter and increase IQ.
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Enhancing your Child's Intelligence
There are many ways by which the intellect of your child can be improved. Read ways to enhance your child’s intellect and make your child more intelligent and knowledgeable. Find out how you can help your child blossom into an intelligent and smart personality.
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Super Intelligent Children
Gifted children are a lucky lot. Learn how to spot a gifted child. Gifted children can grow on to contribute a lot to the society and world. These are children who are super intelligent or exceptional. However, do not push your child too hard to make him into that super-kid!
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Interesting Activities
Making children learn interesting activities can help to make their childhood fun. Sometimes, the activities that you teach your child or make them learn could also develop into a lifelong hobby. Engaging in different activities during childhood can help to make your child develop into a complete personality and all-rounder.
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When children become of school going age, parents are a worried lot. Academics play an important role in life, and there are many important decisions to be taken. Read and get information about everything right from how to prepare your child for their first school interview to advice about how to help them perform better once they are in school.
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RelatedThere are a lot of things which go into making your child an intelligent one. Here are some more things which may be useful to help your child grow into a bright and smart individual.
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