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Do you really want a child now? You do have a choice in the matter, you know. Here's how to enjoy intimate relationships without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

Injectable Contraceptives

What are injectable contraceptives? How popular are they? Are they reliable method of contraception? Queries are many and answers are here so just read on to more

Various forms of contraception

Condoms and birth control pills are most popular forms of contraception. But there are some other methods of contraception. Read on to know various other form more

Natural Family Planning

Natural method of family planning is the safest way of contraception and it has the benefit of no side effects. This type of family planning has also other be more

The birth control pill

Birth control pills are oral contraceptives. How effective are birth control pills? What if you forget to take the pill? Read on to know everything about birt more

Side effects and risks of the pill

It is not necessary that every woman will face the side effects of the birth control pill. But it is necessary to understand what could be the possible side e more

Birth control pill and conception

Contraception methods are used to prevent pregnancy. But if you want to conceive then What to do? Read on some common queries answered here.

Vaginal contraceptives

Vaginal contraceptives can be in the forms of foams, creams, gels, and suppositories. They have a spermicidal action. Read on to know their advantages and ho more

The male condom

Condoms are most effective method of birth control. Condoms help prevent from STDs including HIV. Here are some facts about male condom.

The female condom

Condoms help prevent from STDs including HIV and they are effective. Female condoms are now available in the market. Know some facts about female condoms.

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