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Understanding Karyotyping

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Karyotyping is a test that helps find genetic problems. It is usually carried out to examine abnormalities, genetic disorders or defects.

Ameeta had an unexpected miscarriage. She could hardly grasp the reality. Soon her doctor prescribed some test to be carried out. One of them was blood karyotyping. She was waiting for her reports to arrive. But at the back of her mind she had this tiny question popping, what is karyotyping?

There are many pre natal tests that doctors may suggest. Understanding these tests can lessen your anxieties, help you understand the problem better and let you make corrections as required. Once you know what your doctor is trying to do for you, you can co-operate better. Read on to understand karyotyping and be in sync with what you are doing.

What is Karyotyping?

Karyotyping is one of the many techniques that help study the human genes for several genetic diseases. Karyotyping comes from the word karyotype. Karyotype is a complete profile of an individual's chromosomal set up. Any changes in the arrangement of a karyotype helps doctors study possiblegenetic disorders. In simpler terms, karyotyping is a close study of chromosomes.

What does a Karyotype Show?

A karyotype shows the details of the chromosomes. Karyotyping identifies and helps determine the sex of an unborn child. When doctors study a human karyotype they look for some significant features. Here are a few important ones.

  • Check if the 46 chromosomes are present
  • Check the presence of the two identical chromosomes and 2 sex chromosomes
  • Check if there are any missing or rearranged chromosomes

What a Karyotype does not show?

While a karyotype provides significant in-depth insight into the chromosomes there are some things it will not show. They are:

  • Presence and location of small mutations. So if diseases are caused by small mutations they cannot be predicted
  • Individual DNA strands or genes
  • The number of genes in any given area of a chromosome

How is blood karyotyping performed?

There are usually no special requirements before performing the test. It is performed on a sample of blood, bone marrow, the amniotic fluid or the tissue from the placenta. Blood is drawn from the body if it requires blood sample. Amniocentesis is carried out to test amniotic fluid. A bone marrow test would require a bone marrow biopsy. The given sample is placed on a tray and allowed to grow in the confines of a laboratory. The cells from the growing sample are then stained. The stained sample is closely examined to study the chromosome arrangement.

Predicting disorders with karyotyping

A normal human being has 46 chromosomes, 22 autosomes and two sex chromosomes. When there is a disharmony between this set up, a genetic disorder occurs. Too many chromosomes, missing chromosomes or mixed up bits of chromosomes show the presence of a problem. The state of the chromosomes helps predict any possible genetic disorder in an unborn child. Chromosomes carry information that is passed to the cell. Extra copies of the information, mixed information or missing information can inform about anyabnormalities or defects.

What makes blood karyotyping helpful?

Blood Karyotyping is a very helpful method of studying chromosomes and predicting genetic disorder. It counts the number of chromosomes and looks for any structural changes in chromosomes. It informs if the unborn babywill suffer from a genetic disorder or not. It is often used during pre-natal testing and diagnosing possible genetic diseases. It is extremely helpful for those who have suffered the loss of a child through a miscarriage. For couples coping with a miscarriage karyotyping can mean identifying and correcting problems to give birth to a healthy child.

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Share your any Genetic Test Requirements with me,
AGILE.1 year ago
If you or any one of your dear one need karyotype and FISH analysis for recurrent Pregnancy losses than please share with me I will arrange Sample pick up and reportas to you for the same.
Trempy.3 years ago
Karyotyping is a costly procedure but is boon for those who have previous pregnancy complications or miscarriages or hereditary problems.
Samhita.3 years ago
Thanks for karyotyping that I was saved from my third miscarriage. I had two miscarriages and the doctor was unable to find out the cause. inspite of taking precautions, i had miscarriage. So i had karyotyping done and my problem was diagnosed
Babita.5 years ago
I had a normal and fine pregnancy and at my monthly appointments my gyno found all was well!! I am from Mauritius but move to Tunisia Oct 2010 while pregnant at almost 7 months. Had the shock of my life to find out here in Tunisia at my very first new gyno's appointment that my baby had a whole in his tiny heart so i had to undergo further tests to make sure everything else was fine...did amniocentesis and our life fall apart as we learn that my baby was Trisomy 21. Me and hubby decided to do whatever humanly possible for our baby. We decided to devote our life once the baby is born but God has decided otherwise and at almost 8 months of my pregnancy his poor heart stopped.
My baby suffered from chromosonal disorder, intestine problem and a punctured hole which made his survival at stake.
To all mommies out there please if you are 35 and above has this test done. This was an accident in my life and now i'm 7.5 weeks pregnant and at around 12-14 weeks i'm planning to have an amniocentesis.
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