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Abortion and Miscarriages Topics..

You are here : home > Abortion and Miscarriages > Abortion > The Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill

There are two ways for terminating unwanted pregnancy known as medical abortion and surgical abortion. The abortion which is done by taking an abortion pill is a medical abortion. Read on to know the facts about an abortion pill.

It's the day after and you didn't take any precautions last night. A month passes and you realise that this is it. You're pregnant. Can the abortion pill be an option?

Medical Abortion

In this method, a pill is taken to induce abortion. The medicine mifepristone, known as RU486 in the US, was introduced in France almost a decade ago, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) finally approved the "abortion pill" on 28th September, 2000 in the United States, after a decade of controversy.

Who can take the abortion pill

You may choose medical abortion if you are less than 49 days pregnant. If you have serious heart, liver, kidney problems, blood clotting disorders or HIV, you may not be able to take the medication.

How to take the pill

RU-486 can be taken at home or at a clinic. It opens the cervix, causes mild contractions, softens the uterus and causes it to dilate to help expel the embryo. Side effects like nausea, headache and weakness, and bleeding and deep cramps take place after the second, prostaglandin pill, is taken, a couple of days later. The embryo is expelled 4 to 24 hours later.

Side effects are normal, but you need to call your gynaec if you:

  • Soak more than two pads an hour, more than two hours in a row
  • Bleed heavily for more than 12 hours in a row
  • Pass clots larger than lemons for two hours or more
  • Run a temperature over 101.4° F for more than four hours
  • Feel strong nausea or throw up for more than four hours
  • Have an allergic reaction to the medicine
After studies were undertaken in developing nations like India, China and Cuba, which have legalized abortions, it was found that medical abortion was preferred to surgical abortion. The only complaint against medical abortion were the side effects and heavy bleeding.

Follow Up

You need to return a couple of days later to make sure the abortion is complete. The whole process may take about a week to 14 days, depending on the medication. If you are still pregnant after the medical abortion, you could take more medicine or may have to undergo a surgical abortion. Avoid alcohol, aspirin and anti-inflammatory painkillers during this period.

Is an Abortion Painful?

You'll be distinctly uncomfortable after a surgical abortion and may experience some cramping but it should not be very painful. A half an hour's rest in the recovery room and a painkiller should suffice. A medical abortion is more painful, but is preferred as it means avoiding a surgery. It's important you take care of yourself after an abortion, and report any feelings of discomfort and pain to your doctor.

Does the foetus feel pain?

At some stage during the pregnancy the foetus becomes capable of feeling pain but when exactly this happens is not known. It's a safe bet that the foetus may not feel pain before 10 to 12 weeks.


Incomplete Abortion occurs if part of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus after the abortion procedure. Symptoms include lack of post abortion bleeding and severe cramping. Infection can be caused by the retention of tissue in the uterus.

Hemorrhage or Excessive Bleeding can be caused by injury to the uterus during the abortion. Bleeding through more than one sanitary pad per hour indicates excessive bleeding.

Perforation or Injury to Uterus/Cervix occurs if an instrument used during the procedure injures the uterus or cervix. Injuries to the uterus heal by themselves but there is the risk of injuring other organs when perforation occurs.

Future Fertility can be adversely effected if complications such as injury to the cervix or fallopian tube arise during abortion. But if there are no complications, even several abortions have no effect on future fertility.

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Ailen.3 years ago
Hellow there, Hope you are doing good. I am trying to conceive from last 1 years. I am getting Miscarriage issue again and again. Today I visited this forum and found very helpful. I found active doctors here. So I feel I should my story here. Well, I wanna get a proper solution to my problem. Please Let me know the proper treatment. Then I will discuss with my partner. Thanks
Anju.6 years ago
safe, nobody judges you, and still costs Rs.5000, 2 scans one before and one after to check how old the pregnancy and if it's gone completely of Rs. 1350 each, and Rs. 500 for consultation the first day I saw her same as any small nursing home.

I was 5 weeks 6 days when the doctor saw me. By the time I had the abortion I was 6 weeks.

My friend went to a small nursing home and they judged her never give any pain killer and kept charging her for everything total cost of that was Rs. 10,000

My abortion was through pills. First pill along with a anti-nausea pill. After 48 hours I came back to the doctor and she inserted vaginally 3 pills, told me to lie down for 15 mins, and prescribed another 3 pills of the same kind along with the anti-nausea pill to be taken together that night. She also prescribed another tablet to be taken for 8 days after and some pain killers for pain.

There is discomfort more than period cramps but bearable with pain killers.. Buy anti nausea tablets because the moving pain makes you feel sick in your mouth.
Buy lots of sanitary pads for a week at least. Eat well before this process, because you won't feel like eating.

If you've had a previous abortion and they ask you, say this is your first. It's not possible to find out a previous one if you are pregnant now.
Pills don't cause scars, D&C does.

And please Don't go to small doctors. They may make you feel really pathetic. A big hospital has no time to judge you, Everything is done professionally and fast. And they don't ask you why you want it done. Two words, I'm unmarried and I'm pregnant is all I said. The doctor respected that.
Hope I have helped, have a safe one.
Anju.6 years ago
Also if you take a pregnancy test and the second line is very light or very faint. It means you are pregnant. If you wait a few more days and take the test again you'll find that the second line will become darker than the previous test. I took mine two days after I missed my period, the line was very faint. Three days after that it became very visible but not dark. But it still means your pregnant
So don't delay.
sony.7 years ago
i had sex on 22 April unprotected sex
know i have to abortion. plz help me to abortion. i have test pregnancy test it is positive. plz reply
Dina.9 years ago
After taking the pill, how can I be sure that the abortion is complete. Is it possible that i do not experience any symptom even if abortion is incomplete? Please reply
Meenaxi.9 years ago
i had unprotected sex last week and immediately the next day i took the abortion pill. within a day i had heavy periods with clotting. Now still my periods are on. When should it stop. How long should i wait.i cannot visit a gynecologist.
Sanjna.9 years ago
Plz help me. I took abortion pill on 5 April under the supervision of doctor. I bled for about 8-9 days inclusive clots, light bleeding, active bleeding but not much heavy. the pregnancy was of 3 and a half weeks as we had unprotected sex on 11 March. On 14 i took pregnancy test which was negative. Due to some personal reasons i didnt go for follow up visit. Now i am waiting for my periods to come. I have a history of getting periods early.When i should expect it, In case i dont get it what i should do. Please reply soon .
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