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Different Types of Topaz

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Topaz is the birthstone for the zodiac sign Scorpio. Topaz is also known as November birthstone. Read on to know about the different types of topaz gemstones.

Topaz is the November birthstone and the best anniversary gemstone gift for the 4th wedding anniversary. Topaz comes in a variety of colours ranging from pink, yellow, blue, red, orange, etc., with brown being the most valuable. However; a pure topaz gem is colourless or transparent. Topaz is so rare that many people have not even seen what a real topaz appears like. 

Topaz is used in jewellery items for both men and women.  A real topaz is called the imperial topaz. It is available in all shapes and sizes required for making fine jewellery items. It is a hard gem similar to a diamond. This November gemstone is a symbol of love and friendliness. However, in jewellery stores, all you find is a citrine or quartz topaz which is nothing but glass.

Types of Topaz

The market is flooded with different types of topaz today. If you plan to buy topaz, it is vital to know the various types. Read on to know the various types.

Imperial Topaz - The imperial topaz is the rarest and most expensive type. It has a beautiful yellow shade. This type of topaz appears to have a golden-orange-pink colour under daylight and appears orange-pink under incandescent light. However, this gem is imbued with pinkish to reddish tints to enhance its yellow shade to a richer golden shade. Imperial topaz is very popular and the most sought after gem by jewellers.

Precious Topaz - Precious topaz is mined in many places across the world amongst which Brazil is the most famous. It is a yellow crystal used widely in jewellery items and other attractive ornamental purposes. It is highly valuable than other synthetic or man-made topaz gems. Topaz is a highly precious gemstone having a hardness factor of 8 and a high refractive index.

Blue Topaz - Topaz stones generally undergo an irradiation treatment by synthetic means to enhance their colour.  Natural precious topaz gems are exposed to the irradiation treatment to preserve their golden-brown colour. Whereas, on the other side, colourless or smoky topaz gems when exposed to irradiation by electrons and neutrons result in beautiful different colours. The colour mostly results in blue and other shades of silver, green or teal. They are not true topaz stones and relatively inexpensive.

There are various colours of blue present in the topaz like sky blue, London blue, Swiss blue, light blue, sierra blue and electric blue.  However, the colours within the stone can fade after sometime or even break off as they only touch the top layer of the stone.

White Topaz - White topaz is a clear and transparent type which can be mistaken with a diamond when cut perfectly. The white topaz is the most common variety. The Glacier topaz is the purest type of white topaz. These gems are untreated because of their clear purity. The glacier topaz is found in Murzinka mines in Ekaterinburg.

Smoky Topaz Gems - The smoky varieties are also mined in many places around the world. They are quartz like crystals having an orange or yellow colour. These topaz gems are not precious gems technically, but are often confused as being real topaz due to language disparity.

The topaz comes in diverse varieties with each having different colours and look. You can always decide on the type you want to purchase and know the difference between each of them. Read above to get a better idea.

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