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Amethyst - the crystal with healing powers

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By - Shubhaangi Abhay Pant (Feng shui expert)

Gemstones and crystals can be used to heal lot of problems in the life. The magical properties possessed by gemstones and crystals can help to bring peace and harmony. Gemstones and crystals can also help to deal with health issues. Read on to know about the healing qualities of one such crystal known as amethyst.

Healing with the help of gemstones and crystals is an illustrious practice these days. Many experts regard it as a spiritual practice and best way to give peace to soul. Many people have experienced the power of gemstones and crystals. The amazing powers of gemstones and crystals are used to deal with various health and mental issues of life.

There are various gemstones and crystals available in the market. Each gemstone or crystal has an ability to deal with the specific problems or may deal with innumerable problems. The colours and the positive rays emitted by the gemstones and crystals are one of their important features acting as healing property. Read on to know about one such stone known as Amethyst.

Amethyst is used for spiritual healing since thousands of years as it possesses magical qualities. Its violet colour makes this stone one of the best variety of quartz used in healing. The energy radiated by this stone is often referred as the purple ray. It is also referred as the 'stone of happiness'. It helps to shun all the negative energy from the life an individual possessing this stone.

The violet colour of this stone is one of the most important qualities of this stone which makes it spiritual. The violet colour of this stone is a colour of crown chakra. The crow chakra is associated with the forehead of the human being. To experience the actual power of this stone one can prefer meditating with this stone. Meditation with an amethyst stone makes a person familiar with the spiritual aspects of whole universe. Amethyst is also used since early ages by Catholic priest as they too associate this stone with spirituality.

Spiritual qualities of amethyst

An amethyst possesses lot of spiritual healing properties. Such properties can be useful to deal with lots of issues. Have a quick look at some of the healing properties of amethyst.

  • Calms the emotions and reduces stress

  • Helps to have an optimistic and uplifting perspective

  • Helps to transmit healing power of the universe

  • Improves sixth sense of it's owner

  • Enhances the qualities of other divination tools when placed with such tools

  • Helps to deal with insomnia and gives prophetic dreams if kept under the pillow while sleeping

  • Helps to bring peace and harmony in life

How is an amethyst used in spiritual healing?

An amethyst can be used as a crystal point, ball or pyramid in the room to make use of its healing properties. We can also keep it in our pocket or pouch to experience its healing qualities. It is used by a healer or a gemstone consultant or expert in his or her hands like a wand. It can also be placed under the seat of the person being healed. It can be held by the person being healed.

Apart from the healing qualities of the amethyst it can also be used as an accessory because of its amazing appearance. It can be studded in the finger rings, earrings and pendants. However, you need to be very careful while buying it. You need to consult a good gemstone advisor to solve your problem. You need to do a proper research before you buy any gemstone to heal your self.

A gemstone can bring lot of improvement in your life. You can choose any gemstone or crystal to imbibe its qualities and magical properties in your life. Buying a gemstone completely depends upon the factors like the colour of your choice, the problems in your life to be dealt with or just as any other accessory. However, if you are confused you can buy it with the help of good and experienced gemstone advisor to get a proper advice.

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