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Emerald - Birthstone for Taurus (Vrushabha)

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Taurus is the second sign of zodiac and its ruling planet is Venus. The birthstone for this zodiac sign is emerald and this stone has a positive impact on the traits of a Taurian. The element of Taurus is earth and emerald being the birthstone of this sign provides stability to the individual. The influence of Emerald in the life of Taurean can be observed after studying in detail the qualities of a Taurean. Read on.

People born between April 20 and May 20 fall under the Taurus zodiac sign. The ruling planet of the Taurus is Venus and the birthstone for the sign is emerald. Emerald renders a great deal of influence on the person born under the Taurus sign due to the specific colour of the stone and its crystalline structure. Read on to know more about the properties of Emerald and benefits of Emerald to people born under Taurus zodiac sign.

The Emerald Factor

The Taurean is more attuned to products of the earth. This zodiac sign symbolises love and wisdom and hence emerald happens to be the favoured birthstone. It brings about the desired illumination of the mind when the function of wisdom is fulfilled or realized through the power of love.

In an ideal context the Taurean requires the help of their birthstone to transform their love of personal into that of a selfless service. The emerald helps in their spiritual awakening where their self-seeking transforms into selflessness. Since the people born under this zodiac sign have a tendency to possess, they gradually inculcate the ability to share. They experience peace, plenty and beauty.

The Impact of Emerald

Apart from the principal birthstone that is emerald, there are several other stones that work well for the Taurean like, diamond, garnet agate and sapphire. The effectiveness of emerald lies in its ability in conducting the energies of the ruling planet Venus and renders it sympathetic towards the wearer.

Considered as the goddess of gems, emerald has the ability to instill divine qualities through the power and beauty of its ray. The golden light combines with the blue light of the infinite spirit and gets manifested in the green spark of creativity.

Emerald represents regeneration and life, thereby representing new birth and development of a revitalised and beautiful physical body; where the higher soul flowers with creative and artistic abilities. The birthstone has the potential to align the wearer with the natural forces. Its soothing and sympathetic qualities help the wearer imbibe both the restful and energising qualities. The powerful clear ray of the emerald provides a serene inner lift and aids in meditation, inspiration and healing.

Properties of Emerald

The properties of emerald lie in alignment with the inherent nature of the Taurean and this makes it the preferred stone for this zodiac sign. The Taurean values relationships and is always loyal to the people that she or he considers to be a part of their life. Emerald enhances this faithful nature and helps the individual to make friends easily too. All these add up to positively impact their ability to relate and connect with people.

Emerald also helps in the improvement of the memory faculties and restores faith in work, relationships and overall life. This entails that there is a sort of spiritual impact that also brings about a certain degree of clairvoyance in to the character as well.

Emerald has Certain Healing Properties Too

Certain health problems are common to the people born under the Taurus sign. Emerald can prove to be a great help in resolving those issues and keeping them under check. Some of them are related to:

  • Problems related to eyesight

  • Fertility issues

  • Headaches and spinal problems

  • Apart from these, emerald greatly enhances the mental capabilities too.
Further the character and ability of the stone in regard to the circumstances of the wearer's life also play a role in determining the conditions and status of that individual. Like every other gemstone, emerald can influence both positive and negative attributes of those who are born under the Taurus sign.

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