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Benefits of Head Massage

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Giving head massage is one of the stress bursting techniques. Head massage also helps to get rid of headache. You can visits spas or beauty parlor or you can do head massage by own your self. Apart from giving relief from stress and headache, head massage provides lot of benefits. Read on to know more about benefits of head massage.

Sonam's grandmother wants to give head massage to her everyday when she comes back from office. But it irritates Sonam as her hair becomes oily. She tries to skip the head massage everyday by giving some excuse or the other. However, she is not aware that by skipping head massage, she also skips the benefits of head massage.

Each type of massage provides unique benefits. Likewise, head massage also provides lot of benefits. If you take head massage regularly, you can experience its innumerable benefits. You can give head massage to yourself on your own or you can visits spas or beauty parlours. Read on to know more about the benefits of head massage.

Head Massage Benefits

Have a quick look at the benefits which you can derive through head massage.

  • Helps to reduce stress

  • Makes you feel relaxed and calms you mind

  • Helps to revitalize the brain and body

  • Improves concentration

  • Improves blood circulation in different parts of your head

  • Helps to get quick and good sleep

  • Gives relief from headache

  • Strengthens hair roots

How to do Head Massage

Giving a head massage is a very simple process. You can follow some basic tips which will help you to give head message to yourself. Here are some quick and easy head massage tips for giving head massage to yourself at home.
  • Take any oil of your choice. However, coconut oil is considered to be the best for head massage.

  • If you are taking edible oil like coconut oil, you can heat it a little bit. However, do not heat it too much and wait till it becomes lukewarm otherwise it may burn your scalp.

  • Start applying oil on your scalp slowly with your fingers.

  • Make sure that you apply oil on all parts of your scalp.

  • After applying oil properly, put your fingers inside you hair and rub your scalp slowly.

  • Do not rub your scalp forcefully, try to rub it in such a way that it generates a little bit of warmth in your head.

  • Feel the warmth produced in your head by closing your eyes and continue rubbing your head.

  • You can also massage your forehead and neck during this process for getting best results.

  • Avoid using oils with scent if you are suffering from headache.

  • Move your fingers slowly once again after you finish rubbing your scalp and feel the vibration generated to de-stress yourself.

  • Try to massage your head regularly before going to bed to get good sleep.
Apart from oil, you can try different ingredients like ghee, curd, milk etc; to massage your head. These ingredients will help you to make your hair strong, silky and smooth. If you want to get best head massage treatment, try to visit spa or beauty parlour once in a while.

You can also enjoy benefits of head massage if you try it for 5 minutes regularly. If you are unable to imbibe head massage techniques, you can take help of head massage tools. There are lots of innovative head massage tools available in market. However, the best massage treatment is the one which is given manually.
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Eljaybe.5 years ago
Great article. I agree, getting a proffesional is the best way to receive a good head massage.
There are a number of traditional self massage tools available, try;
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