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Health Benefits of Mint

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Mint, a very common herb, is known to people since years. Mint in biological terms is known as 'Mentha' and in common language is known as 'Pudina'. Mint is frequently used by everyone as a mouth and a breath freshener. We all are aware of the refreshing part of mint, but it offers lot of health benefits too.

Mint is not only tasty but also very healthy. With over thousands of species and varieties of mint, it is a plant with excellent medicinal properties as well. Mint is a universal and a very soothing flavor, which has been used for curing disorders over centuries. Mint also has a terrific smell and it is as popular as grape, cherry or lemon flavors are. Mint is a source full of nutritional and medicinal benefits, which helps us in maintaining good health.

One can see the market flooded with mint and mint products. Mint is added in tooth paste, candies, ice creams, chocolates, mouthwash, liquor, lipsticks, chewing gums, inhalers and mouth fresheners. Not only this, people even purchase freshmint leaves from the supermarkets, which they add in the tea, coffee and a variety of drinks and food items made at home. One can not limit the extent to whichmint can be and is used. Along with the good aroma of mint, it is a bundle of benefits.

Benefits of Mint

There are ample of health benefits linked with Mint. Have a quick look at some of the health benefits of mint.

  • Helps Digestion and Cures Stomach Upset

    Mint is a powerful antioxidant and it helps in the digestion of food. Antioxidants are capable of terminating the reactions by eliminating free radical intermediates. It helps the digestive system to fasten the process of digestion. Mint galvanizes the enzymes which are associated with digestion.

    Mint is a very good appetizer and hence people prefer to have mint after eating their food. It is used on a large scale in cooking as well. People prefer to have medicines containing pudina or mint, when they have an upset stomach. While traveling many people recommend and prefer to keep a mint with them so as to avoid vomiting and sickness.

  • Prevents Headaches

    The strong and refreshing smell of mint acts as a quick remedy in reducing the headaches. There are lots of ayurvedic and herbal medicines that are manufactured using mint to prevent various disorders. People keep mint products and balms made up of mint to prevent headaches. They apply balm on their forehead and their neck to get a quick relief.

  • Helps in Prevention of Cancer

    Research shows that mint is helpful in keeping body protected from various types of cancers. It is said that the enzymes which are present in mint helps in prevention of cancer. The cancers which can be prevented by adding mint in your diet is - skin cancer and lung cancer.

  • Helps in Skin Care and Prevents Pimples

    Mint juice is an excellent antiseptic and is a good skin cleanser. It is known for curing many infections and soothing the skin. Mint is used in many cosmetic products like cleanser, face wash, lip sticks and scrubs. Many people crush the pudina leaves and then apply the juice on their face to avoid pimples.

  • Helps in Prevention of Asthma and Cough

    The strong aroma of mint helps in prevention of Asthma and cough. Using mint in the daily diet is advantageous for asthma patients, as it is a good reliever. Mint also helps in the cooling and soothing of throat, which helps in the break down of cough. Thus, mint is used in inhalers and medicines.
Mint is a bunch of medicinal benefits and helps in quick cure of diseases. Mint is often consumed by most of the individuals as a mouth freshener. The aroma and taste of mint is simply marvelous and always makes you feel fresh and active. However if you are allergic to mint, you should consult your doctor before consuming it. With the excellent nutritional benefit of mint, the over dose of mint also have a few side effects. Hence, to make the best use of the natural herb, mint, the consumption should be limited.
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