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You are here : home > Food and Nutrition > Eat Healthy Eat Right > The Most Nutritious Foods that You Must Include in Your Child's Diet

The Most Nutritious Foods that You Must Include in Your Child's Diet

The Most Nutritious Foods that You Must Include in Your Child

It is necessary to include nutritious foods in the diet of children for their physical as well as mental well-being. Find more about it.

The food that children eat not only affects their health but also their behaviour. So, you must be very careful about the things that you include in your children’s diet. You must include all the nutritious food items that can nurture your child’s physical and mental wellbeing. Let us now learn about the most nutritious foods that you must include in your child’s diet.

List of Nutritious Foods for Children

Know about the most nutritious foods that you must include in your child’s diet.

1. Eggs

Eggs can help your children have strong bones, heart and eyes. You can include eggs in your children’s diet every alternate day i.e. thrice a week. Your children will surely love to eat boiled eggs with a sprinkle of salt and pepper on it. Including eggs in the diet of children can help to provide them with amino acids. Eggs are also beneficial for helping children have healthy hair and skin. They are also a good source of energy and are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.

2. Curd

Curd is very good for boosting immunity of children and improving their digestive system. It can also help them develop strong bones. It is very beneficial for improving their brain health. You can include a small bowl of curd in your child’s lunch every day. You can surely add a little sugar to it to make it a tastier eating option.

3. Milk

You must include at least one glass of milk in your child’s diet every day. A glass of milk can help your children grow taller, sharper and stronger. A glass of milk every day can help your children have stronger teeth.Milk is a very rich source of calcium and minerals for children. It is very beneficial for strengthening their immune system.

4. Roti

Roti can serve as an excellent source of fibre for your children. It can help to lower blood cholesterol level and prevent constipation in children. It is also very helpful to keep children satisfied for a longer period of time. Roti can be included in the lunch of children.

5. Rice

White rice is a rich source of calcium and iron which is necessary for the growing bodies of children. It is also a store house of vitamins like niacin, vitamin D, thiamine and riboflavin.

6. Pulses

Pulses are rich in vitamins and micronutrients. They can serve as a rich source of protein for children. They can also provide essential nutrients like iron, folate and zinc which can boost health and improve the eyesight of children.

7. Vegetables

Vegetables contain antioxidants that can help to prevent many health disorders in children. It can boost their immune system and help them fight various illnesses. It can help them to develop a strong body for many years to come. Vegetables can be part of children’s every day meals.

8. Fruits

Instead of oily and fried snacks, you can try to give fruits to you children. Fruits can provide healthy calories to your children which can help them to perform various activities. Fruits like apple, banana, oranges and pomegranate are liked by children very much. Such fruits are also loaded with a lot of nutrients.

9. Fish

Fishes like prawns, salmon andpomphret are very much liked by children. Fishes provide essential nutrients like Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) to them which are beneficial for their brain development, vision and nervous system.

10. Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts can be given to children when they have hunger pangs instead of giving them fried and oily snacks. Such dry fruits are a rich source of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, protein and riboflavin which are beneficial for healthy growth and development of children.
The above mentioned foods are the most important sources of nutrition for children. These food items should be cleverly sneaked in the diet of children in order to avoid unhealthy snacks. They key to include these food items in their diet is maintaining a proper eating schedule for them.

How does children’s diet affect their behaviour? What kind of foods should be included in children’s diet? How to raise healthy children? Discuss here.

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