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You are here : home > Intelligent Child > Super Intelligent Children > Is Your Child A Genius? Read These Signs to Know

Is Your Child A Genius? Read These Signs to Know

Is Your Child A Genius? Read These Signs to Know
Recognising and boosting the talent and skills in children during early childhood can help them a lot to grow up into a successful individual. Is your child exhibiting signs of giftedness? Read on to know more about such signs.

When we say “gifted” children, we generally refer to the brightest child of the class. Such children are often the most confident and dominating. She is the one who answers all the questions in class and one who is smart.
What we forget sometimes is that children’s abilities come in different shapes and sizes, and that their talents are spread over a large area. Gifted children sometimes exhibit abilities that are not easily recognized, therefore parents need to be extra vigilant when spending time with their child and observe them closely. Therefore, what could be some of the signs of intellectual giftedness parents should look for in their kids?

1. An Unusual Memory

A number of children might have difficulties in remembering schoolwork, exam notes or other academic information, but they might be gifted with amazing memory and observational capacities. More often than not, children are most often marked only on class tests. If you see that your child is blessed with a photographic memory, and can observe the smallest details and remember almost everything, it may be a sign that your child is a genius.

2. Is a Happy Bookworm

Do you find your child to be the happiest when inside a book shop? Or do you see her bringing home books from the library every day? Parents must start reading books to their children as soon as they are able to speak. Listening to and later reading books increase their flow of vocabulary. If you find your child trying to read on her own, or is able read far beyond what is expected of her, she could be a literary genius.

3. Loves to Ask Questions

Gifted children are rarely satisfied with the explanations their parents give them. They are also aware of the current world affairs and ask thought provoking questions regarding the same. They prefer to explore, discover and find out their own answers to their questions. Such children also possess a deep analytical and reasoning power, which helps them in creating new concepts and ideas in future.

4. Is Open-Minded and Accepting

Your child is small, but she knows that there are children of different races, religions and cultures coexisting in the world. If you see that your child is eager about new cultures different from each own and makes friends easily, it is again a sign of high intelligence. However, there are children who prefer to be on their own, but they are just as interested in learning about the world around them.

5. Creativity and Originality

Your child may have a rich imagination and a colourful mind, which can be brought out in a number of ways. Some children love to make new things from twigs, branches and flowers, while others are able to draw realistic figures. Some young children might even try to write simple short stories or poetry on their own, which shows creativity and innovation. Such children are generally bored with memorizing or reciting poems in class. All of these different capabilities could be different but unique forms of talent.

6. Has New Perspective on Everything

Gifted children see things differently from other children and may refuse to work according to convention. They have a deep compassion for animals and people, and love to experiment on their own. They have high energy levels and concentration power, and an innate sense of humour and sensitivity.
Therefore, if you or your partner notice any or all of these signs in your child, make it a point to discuss the potential of your child with the teacher. You can also consult a child development expert and enrol your child in art, music, dance or writing classes to help her develop her talents with age and practice. Early recognition and development of a child’s abilities will ensure her success in life.

What are the characteristics of a genius child? How to identify the giftedness in children? Why is early recognition of talent important? Discuss here.

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Arushi.6 years ago
Every child is genius in something or the other but it is up to parent to polish their skills.
Hemali.6 years ago
It is completely in hands of parents to boost the talent of a child but they need to identify it during early childhood.
Sneha.6 years ago
My child is very talkative. Is this a sign of being a genius?
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