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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Newborn's Development (6-Month-Old)

Your 6-month-old newborn’s development will be full of new milestones. Find out what milestones are expected in a baby on completion of 6 months.

You can expect your 6-month-old baby to get more independent than before. You can find her capable of picking up a toy or pulling it. She has now gained a better control over her movements and environment around her. It is very important that you go on encouraging her curiosity, mobility and creativity within the safe parameters.
Here we shall help you explore some of the other developments you can expect in her this month:

Development of Motor Skills in a 6-Month-Old Baby

Since she has become more mobile than before, you may find that your baby is able to roll over from tummy to back and from back to tummy easily as her neck and arm muscles are much stronger than before. Therefore, it is important that you keep away the potentially dangerous objects and make the environment safe for her.
Her legs are stronger than before now and she is gaining more muscle strengths every day. This shall help her learn to stand and walk fast. However, the skill of crawling, standing and walking is learnt after baby learns to sit.
You can get a new sippy cup for your baby so that learning a skill of drinking from a sippy cup is encouraged.

Teething Troubles

This is the time when you can see her tooth buds coming out. You may find her drooling often and get fussier than before. Soothers such as chewing toys can offer her some comfort. But make sure that such toys meet the safety standards. If you see the sings of teething, you may gently rub her gums with your clean hands to ease her discomfort due to teething.
You may see 2 teeth at the bottom to pop up first. This shall be followed by 2 teeth at the top. Again, you must not worry if you do not find any tooth coming out. Many develop their teeth upon turning a year old.

Feeding Patterns

She is used to eating solids now. You may try with some new options now such as different varieties of vegetables and fruits. This shall help her adjust and understand the new textures. If you introduce a new food, wait for some time before introducing anything new again. This shall help you understand if she has any allergies. You must be careful about allergies such as wheezing, rash, vomiting or diarrhoea. If you have a family history of food allergies, you can check with a paediatrician before introducing any new food item to your baby.

Communication Skills

Your 6-month-old baby can now understand some of the things you say to her. However, you must not expect her to follow your commands yet. She is now in the process of becoming non verbal communication expert. You will love to see her different facial expressions such as a frown, a grin or a smile. She can now make different sounds like babbling, laughter or say words like da-da-da.
She is slowly developing the concept of object permanence. Playing games like peek-a-boo can be an excellent way to communicate with her. She now understands that things exist even when they are hidden.
Be prepared to deal with some of her separation anxieties. She will expect you or her caregiver to be around her all the time now. However, do not worry, as this anxiety shall soon be gone when she turns 2-year-old. You can keep the good bye short and in the mean while keep her distracted with toys and things she loves.
Baby proofing your home becomes more and more important now. A safe environment shall give more freedom to your little one to explore the world around her. Make sure to keep a note of the milestones she attains and discuss with your doctor any concerns that might be bothering you. Motherhood certainly brings plenty of joy. However, there are plenty of responsibilities that you need to shoulder with her growing age. Share your responsibilities with your partner and enjoy the journey together.

Do 6-month-old babies start teething? What developmental milestones are expected from a 6-month-old baby? What is best way to ease separation anxiety? Discuss here

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