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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Newborn's Development in the 1st Month

Your newborn’s development in the 1st month will be fast paced. Get an understanding on the developmental milestones your baby attains in the 1st month.

This first new month is one of the most amazing times for your newborn, when she is busy discovering the new surrounding around her. This is also the time when you are slowly getting used to her demands and basic requirements. Well, if you are excited to know the developments she shall be attaining this month, you will surely love reading through this article.
However, you need to keep in mind, in case she is born prematurely, she may not attain those milestones in the given time frame. This should not become a cause of concern for you. You can get in touch with the doctor and discuss all your concerns and enjoy this wonderful phase of motherhood.

Growth of Your Newborn

You must not be concerned if your baby shows some weight loss in the 1st month. Your baby is actually losing 10% of the fluid after her birth. By the next 2 weeks she shall gain some more weight and can even count around half ounce every day. Your doctor shall keep a note of her birth weight in the growth chart.

Developmental Milestones your Baby Attains in the 1st Month

  • She has plenty of milestones to develop in this month.
  • She is born with reflexes such as sucking, which shall help her reach out to your nipple.
  • She shall be able to close her fist tightly around the finger you place in her palm.
  • She has also developed her Moro reflex, which refers to flaring her legs and arms upon being startled.
  • She shall slowly be able to turn her head and look around her.

Tips for Aiding Baby’s Development in 1st Month

Development of Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Your baby will want to sleep most of the times. You can expect her to sleep around 16 hours a day now. If you want to establish the right sleep cycles, you can keep her engaged with interesting activities in the morning and keep it boring at nights. This shall help her fall asleep easily.

Development of Baby’s Eyesight

She is yet to develop her eyesight now. Objects that are within 12 inches shall be easily visible to her. You can draw your face close to hers while talking. Babies are easily attracted by human face. Do not feel worried if you see her eyes crossing while trying to focus on something. This happens as she has not yet developed complete control over her movements.

Development of Baby’s Hearing Ability

Her hearing ability too has not yet developed fully. However, she shall be able to recognise your voice and the voice of your caregiver. If you feel, she is not responding to the sounds around her, you must notify it to the doctor. While in some countries, hearing ability of the babies is tested while birth, this might not be the case everywhere. Keep your baby away from loud noise and sounds.

Feeding the Baby

Babies love the sweet taste. She has not yet developed her taste buds for something different like sour or bitter. She can smell well and easily recognise the smell of your nipple with time. Your baby may demand breastfeeding around 12 times a day. While if you are bottle feeding, she may need it around 8 times a day. You will know she is hungry when she turns her head around and look for your breast. A sign of healthy eating is around 6 wet diapers a day.
Be prepared, as the only way of communication for your little one is crying. She may be crying for food or wants her diaper changed. If none of them is the cause, you may have to understand what the reason for her discomfort is. If you are not sure it is a colic pain, you can call the doctor.

What can be expected in the 1st month of the newborn’s development? How to know the reason for baby’s crying? How to stimulate the newborn for better development? Discuss here.

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