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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

Newborn's Development (4 Month Old)

Are you aware of the developments that you can expect in your little one when she is 4 months old? Read on to know about the development expected in a 4-month-old baby.

This is the time when your little one is undergoing plenty of transitions. She shall try rolling over from her tummy to her back when you place her on her tummy and shall be more interested in exploring her new mobility.
Here we shall explore some more developments that you can expect in your little one in the 5th month of her growth and development.

Developments in a 4-month-old Newborn

Your baby is now capable of sitting straight with support longer than before. You may offer her a pillow for support. She can now roll comfortably from tummy to her back when place on tummy and shall throw her legs and arms in joy. She is preparing to crawl and is just few months away from mastering this art. She has developed a stronger grasp now and can pull or pick objects near her.

Sleep Patterns of a 4-Month-Old Baby

While some 4-month-old babies sleep all through the night, others need some more time. Developing a bed time routine shall be a good way to help her follow sleep patterns. Story telling or playing a soothing music shall be some effective ways to lull her to sleep.
  • It is a good idea to help her learn the self soothing techniques to fall asleep. You can place her in her crib when she is drowsy, this way she shall learn to sleep without you.
  • Make sure that your baby is well fed as that would ensure a long nap and some rest time for you too.

Development of Vision

Your baby’s vision is improving continuously, but she is yet to get a 20/20 vision. However, she can now focus on different objects without crossing her eyes. She has developed strong perception now and can slowly identify different shades of a colour. However, she shall still prefer only yellow, blue and red.

Communication Skills

You may find her making sounds like cooing, gurgling and grunting. It may not be possible for you to understand the words, but you should respond to her to encourage the development of her speech.

For Your Information

As a mom you would want nothing but the best for her. Here is some information that shall help you understand and take care of your little one better. Take a look:


Your baby loves listening to music. You can play music for her like rhymes, pops or jazz. You may find her smiling to the tunes.


Your baby does not need expensive toys to be happy. He simply needs brightly coloured toys like rattles or soft toys to keep her engaged. You can name the toys while handing over them to her, as this shall be a great way to introduce him to different words.


If you are still waiting to baby proof your home, you are delaying an important task. You shall soon start with it at the earliest. Make sure to cover the electrical outlets, dangerous elements like gas pipes and lock the cabinets. Keep away the small items that increase choking hazards. Fragile items need to be shelved for the time being and keep away your fancy lamp shades too.
Motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ask for. However, no doubt it can be highly demanding as well, keeping you on toes 24/7. Do not feel guilty if you feel anxious and depressed with all the new responsibility. Look for help and enjoy some me time. You can take better care of your growing champ, when you are in good shape. You can always share some of your responsibilities with your partner and enjoy being parents together.

What growth milestones are expected in a 4-month-old baby? How to stimulate a 4-month-old baby? How to soothe a crying baby? Discuss here.

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