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If you have a lot of hair on your face, concealing it is not very easy. Laser therapy is effective, and need not be expensive.

For many women, hair removal is a big issue. Some have excessive hair on their arms and legs. Others want to know how they can get rid of hair on their stomachs, while still others have dark underarms, often caused by shaving their armpits. However, none of these issues generally cause as much concern as a hairy face does.
If you have a lot of hair on your face, concealing this hair is not easy. Some bleach their faces, but the hair is still visible. And for women with dark skin, bleaching may not seem to be the ideal solution because the light hair is clearly visible against a darker skin tone. They then try threading, waxing, hair removal creams or home remedies.
Now more and more women are turning to laser treatments, but there is one constraint that prevents it from being very popular the cost.

Call ahead

It may seem surprising, but people often believe that laser therapy is more expensive than it actually is. Different clinics offer different deals, so before coming to any conclusions, call various clinics in your city and ask them their prices. It is however best to opt for a tried and tested clinic. Go somewhere your friends have been to, or a clinic that you have heard about and know to be reputable.

Get a patch test

Always ask for a patch test. In the patch test, a small patch of hair will be removed from an area on your body. Although the purpose of patch tests is essentially to see how your body reacts to the laser, this is really not an accurate indicator since often the strength of the laser when conducting a patch test is much lower than the strength of the laser used when actually removing hair during the treatment. What you can judge from a patch test though is how much of your hair grows back after one laser session.

Consider opting for a single session

As you may be aware, a single session is not enough to fully remove all hair. But, you may be surprised to know that many people have found one laser session to be enough to radically reduce hair growth. The thicker and darker your hair, the higher the chances a single session of laser therapy will be effective.
If you have a lot of hair on your face, consider going in for a single laser session. First, get a patch test done on that area of your face that has the most hair, like your chin. In this manner, your chin will be getting two laser sessions. (However, they may do just a small section of your chin in a patch test).

Find out about package deals

Where do you have the most hair on your faceNULL On your sideburnsNULL Do you have a lot of hair on your chinNULL Or, is your upperlip turning greenNULL If your entire lower face seems to be hairy, consider going in for a single session of a lower-face package. Your hair will not completely go away, but the growth will certainly reduce substantially which is indeed a blessing for people with a lot of hair on the face.
You may then need to continue with other hair removal treatments, for example, you may need to continue threading your upperlip, but no longer will it be green, and no longer will you have to thread it as often. Similarly, you can continue bleaching your side locks, but they will now be almost invisible.
Remember, if budget is a constraint, and a single session of laser therapy cuts down even fifty percent of your hair growth, it will be well worth the investment.

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Name: Riya
City:   Banglore
Comments:   I have a lot of thick hair on my chin, I had tried lot of therapy and medicine. But nothing seems to be working. I am little scar about laser treatment's side effects.. Please help me!!!
Name: Tina
City:   California
Comments:   I don't think it is true that 1 session will help make so much difference in hair reduction. I can tell by experience. You need to shave for the laser treatment and shaving twice or thrice may actually increase hair growth insead of reducing it. If you go for laser treatment you have to follow through completely ie take as many sessions as it takes for hair reduction. Also get this done from a known professional who has a few references otherwise you may end up damaging your skin.
Name: rada
City:   san jose
Comments:   i don't know whether it is true or not. bcoz i don't have experience. when do we have to shave before 1st session or after 1st session .if we shave to shave after 1st session then that is true.after session then tina is right.
Name: santana
City:   new delhi
Comments:   hi tina, maybe things differ from person to person. i had a lot of hair on my lower back and stomach, which was often visible when i wore jeans. i tried waxing, but i developed a horrible rash, so i just let the hair be. then recently i decided to try laser. the back is pretty expensive, so i opted for just a single session, and the hair on my back has reduced dramatically. now very few hair comes, and i wax my back regularly. also, you need to shave after laser only if you intend to go for another session. my back was shaved once, at the laser clinic itself, and after that i didnt need to shave. now i wax my back once in two months, and very little hair is left. i;m pretty sure that different people's hair reacts differently.
Name: natasha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   my green upperlip normalized after just one laser session. hair still grows, and i still thread my upperlip, but it is no longer green as growth has gone down.
Name: Noelle
City:   Manchester
Comments:   since 2 years ago i've been shaving my upperlip. I so regret it as my upper lip has gone green so will it really normalize after one laser session? And doest it hurt? Please reply. Thanks
Name: Geetha
City:   Detroit
Comments:   Can anyone experienced laser treatment tell the cost per sitting so that we can see if any parlour is reasonable and go. Where is the cost low in India or U.S.Please reply. Thanks.
Name: rani
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i'm pretty sure india is lower than the us, and prices here just keep going down.. in india for example, u can get an upper lip plus chin lifetime package for rs 4500 - which means unlimited sessions of upperlip and chin..
Name: priti
City:   mumbai
Comments:   reallyNULL a couple of years ago i got just upper lip done for 5 thousand ruppees or soemthing like that. prices have really fallen.
Name: sonia
City:   england/ leicester
Comments:   please help. i always get bad headach try so many treatment but no help.if you can help me plz send me email soon as you can...many thanx xxxxx
Name: ashu
City:   ludhiana
Comments:   hi . i have loads of facial hair including side burns.whenever i get upperlip done i have to use acnesol or else my skin breaks out.will that happen with the laser tooNULLi am scared.also can the eyebrows be done with laserNULL somebody told me that it is not possible. i really need to know this.............
Name: jessica
City:   new braunfels
Comments:   i have been shaving my upper lip since middle school. i don't want to do it anymore, and i have tried creams, devices but they don't take off as much as shving does. it leaves me with noticable stubble. i need suggestions. what else works. if i try anything else, i have to grow it out and it is ugly! i don't want to grow it out. i am already concious about the fact that i have been shaving for so long, i feel like when i am talking to someone they are constantly looking at my mouth. i have to shave every two to three days. is that alot? i don't want to get a "shadow" i feel so ugly. can anyone help meNULL
Name: Sarah
City:   corvallis, oregon, usa
Comments:   I've heard of a home electrolysis appliance called "Finally Free". It says it works and it was in the Gaiam catalog, but the company that makes the product had their own website. It looks interesting. I'm thinking about getting one with my mom. It's relatively inexpensive, $100.
Name: priya
City:   delhi
Comments:   They've advertised Rs.4500 as unlimited, but it is actually for only 8 sittings. Be careful. Personal experience
Name: sheela
City:   TN
Comments:   Laser treatment is failure in my case . I had 6 sessions but after 2 months I got the facial hair again. Better check your testosterone level , correct it by an endocrinologist and then go for laser treatment if u have any. becas correcting the adrenal glands would weaken the roots of the hair and there by it would fall out automatically
Name: Rakhi
City:   florida ,Usa
Comments:   hey , i had shaved my upper lips couple of times ,and now i have a light green shadow , i feel so concious , please suggest something . thanks
Name: rina
City:   london
Comments:   i have lite but alot of realy fine hair on the front of my neck and the double chin area.plz sum1 telme their in the same situationNULL
Name: sarah
City:   mumbai
Comments:   laser treatment dint work for me either i sat through one session and they said that it was guaranteed that the hair will was very expensive..... and the hair just grew back....
Name: Polly
City:   Bristol, UK
Comments:   I agree with this article, there have been a lot of improvements in laser therapy in recent years, especially for those with darker skin. The way the laser works is it seeks out the dark pigment, so there needs to be a good contrast between the colour of your hair and the colour of your skin. The fairer your skin the better really - wear sun block and wait for your skin to be as light as possible. I had a few sessions in 2000 on a very low setting in case of skin damage, after 3 sessions I lost 40% of hair and felt great. Lasers are better now, the darker and thicker the hair the more it responds- the hair on my face was very fine so took longer. I had spots and scars on my face from infected hair follicles and once the hair had gone the spots went to! Sometimes the hair is weakened not killed off and you may get a break out of spots in the place where you had treatment, but if you have another session this sorts the problem out. I definitely recommend it. Make sure to have a nurse do the treatment, not a beauty therapist as you can be burnt by the laser (it happened to me recently with an inexperienced therapist who used too high a setting! but the scars healed well and you can't see them now). You can do in between the eyebrows and the ends of the brows but not underneath the brow because of the risk of eye injury. You need a really good set of goggles for this and the therapist will ask you to hold them in place tight against your eyes. Keep your eyes shut! I have had treatment on my breasts because I had ingrowing and infected hairs and was getting scars (yuck) I needed quite a few sessions to get rid of these hairs but it was worth every penny and worked out cheaper than electrolysis which I also tried but which didn't seem to work. There are lots of places which offer this treatment, but in my extensive experience the best places are laser therapy centres staffed with nurses, not beauty salons with a laser machine, you don't get hard sell off a nurse. It was explained to me that hair grows in cycles and not all hairs are growing at any one time, so only the growing hair gets treated. I was told to expect to do "top up treatments" every year or so, but so far I have only needed to have a couple of sessions every 3-4 years.
Name: Sam
City:   noida
Comments:   hi, i am in singapore now. i wanted to go fr a laser treatment here for my face. cud u plz tell me if there is a gud place to go to. also let me know abt the cost. thanking u.

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