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So you want to look sexy Well, you're going to need more than a little black dress. How many times have you heard people say it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it that counts

Personality Plus

The way you carry yourself says a lot about your personality. If you squirm and slouch your way around, it shows your lack of confidence. And if you don't think you're any better, then why would anyone else So stand tall. Pull your stomach in, hold your head high and throw your shoulders back. (But for heaven's sake, don't stick your chest out!)  

Health Benefits

Not only does a good posture work wonders for personality development, it's good for your health too. If you slouch, you can bet that you're more likely to have back problems than someone who doesn't. Not only that, but you're not breathing right either. Ever think about how every time anyone asks you to take a deep breath, you straighten up? No? Well, think about it now. You don't stand straight, you're not breathing all the way to the bottom of your lungs and your body is not getting the oxygen it needs.  

Practice, Practice

Changing your posture and the way you walk is not easy. You may straighten yourself in front of the mirror before stepping out but somewhere along the way you lose track and before you know it, you've got back your slouch. Remember, it has to be a conscious effort. And it takes practice. So switch on the music and get moving.  
The best way to practice walking straight is by balancing a couple of books on your head.  This sets your body into alignment, controls the bounce and gives your walk grace.  

Pull your stomach in and you will automatically straighten out.  

At times, when you try to straighten your shoulders you may tend to push them up instead of back, so push them down. Get your shoulders right by crossing your hands at your back and holding on to the opposite elbows.  
Don't listen to anyone who tells you to place one foot directly in front of the other, unless you're practicing to be a model. Draw an imaginary line on the ground beneath your feet. Your footprints should fall on either side, as close to the line as possible.  

Toes pointing outward, not inward. This gives the impression of being knock kneed - unless, of course, you ARE knock kneed in which case you need to see a professional.   

Move as little of your upper body as possible.  


Bob your shoulders up and down or back and forth.  

Move your neck forwards with every step you take.  
Swing your hips too much unless you are on a catwalk! A slight, barely-there swing does the trick.  
Lead with your head.  
Take too large or too small steps.  

Say Grace  

Okay, now just because you don't slouch doesn't mean you've got it made. Ever notice how your eyes are sometimes drawn to a person simply because of how he or she carries herself Grace is the keyword here. Think Grace Kelly. Just a photograph of her standing straight would speak miles of her grace. It was the way she carried herself - ramrod shoulders, squarely held chin... the personification of elegance. She was recently voted as the most elegant woman ever, with Audrey Hepburn a close second. And elegance is something you can achieve, even if you are not born with it. All it takes is determination. And practice, practice.

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Comments on Article

Name: simran
City:   bombay
Comments:   lovely article!! it does work wonders on girls who really wanna groom themselves and will surely help me to.
Name: sucharu
City:   new delhi
Comments:   very goodarticle. when i was reading it i started sitting up straight! i will try and remember to keep my back straight all the time now. i sometimes hunch. I will try to stop hunching
Name: goingon 20
City:   Harrisurg
Comments:   HI, this article stands good for both men and women.Good posture not only makes one look good but also Relieves one of Backaches. The most common reason for many backaches is posture.Specially people who work long hours on Computer shud sit straight.The rule being ur ears,shoulders and hips shud fall in the straight line.
Name: Katie
City:   Woodbury
Comments:   my back is so bad and it hurts everytime i get off of my trampoline, my shoulders always leen forward and my relatives say i look like an alligator and i even wanna be a model! is my dream ever gonna be fullfilled with my back problemsNULL Thankyou-
Name: teri maa
City:   mumbai
Comments:   this site is lame thats why i come here everyday for a good laugh
Name: salma
City:   south africa
Comments:   i have a back problem. i have scoliosis and suffer alot with back pain and bcoz of tht i'm hunched. i'm trying really hard to straighten my back but i find rather difficult. wht can i do to have a good postureNULL
Name: Grahanau
City:   India (nOw)
Comments:   this article is sure gonna influence every single person whoz gonna read it. really good one with lotsa tips for nyone who wanna impove their posture. Thnx a lot !!!
Name: eleni
City:   ethiopia
Comments:   I really like the article. i also love you site keep it up.
Name: gurmeet
City:   jammu
Comments:   this article is really wonderful and being professional it will really help me to develop my personalty
Name: bluer du blanche
City:   France
Comments:   i love this article i suffer from scoliosis. but have found the key to good posture. raise your shoulders and your shoulder blades. then while holding this position. bring your throught and your back neck back, then stick your chest out along with it. then hold your stomach in. point your toes outward. its a synergy. the key to it is doing it all at the same time.
Name: bluer du blanche
City:   France
Comments:   actually sorry its hold your shoulders up. and your shoulder blades. then while holding this position bring your throat and your back neck back. then stick your chest out along with it. then hold your stomach in. but dont forget to hold your lumbar curve up and in. then i forgot the most important part. relax in this pose. see the key is the direction. your not a statue. you are a human being. so that once you get the direction in which your body is supposed to go, correct, you can relax in this. you become yourself. because whereveer you go. you have this. you have a way of always knowing you look the best that you can.
Name: katie
City:   Africa
Comments:   Thats really great. i tried your advice bluer and it worked. what websiste did you get that from??
Name: Bhavika
City:   Chennai , India
Comments:   I bumped into this article while surfing.This site has wonderful articlesadvice and this one on posture is really good.
Name: Priyanka
City:   Hyderabad, India
Comments:   Very good article. very informative and helpful.
Name: Leslie
Comments:   Amazing post, truly!
Name: Kevlyn
Comments:   IMHO you´ve got the right asnewr!
Name: dabswq
City:   qkvPGQqBwgZLkpNL
Comments:   66qsuC jgidzbzdwdgm
Name: Colonel
City:   paEuCNYpeW
Comments:   I really wish there were more aritcels like this on the web.
Name: kbbvbkq
City:   TcIDbnyk
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City:   New York
Comments:   bbeBxr Looking forward to reading more. Great article. Great.

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