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You don't have to bare all to look sexy. Here's how you can look sexy without looking 'cheap' or sleazy.

Who says you have to bare all to look sexyNULL That's probably the biggest misconception of them all! Slim people can dare to bare without looking obscene, as they are just too waif-like to look voluptuous, but unfortunately the rest of us can't. While it's great to be voluptuous, there's a fine line between sexy and sleazy, and it's easy to overstep that line. As a result most women end up dressing conservatively so they don't end up looking sleazy. Here's how you can look sexy and classy at the same time.


Sometimes we wear tight stuff in the belief that it will make us look slimmer. Well, it will NOT. You can get away with wearing clinging stuff if you are slim and without any excess weight anywhere, but the minute you have some spare flesh anywhere, don't draw attention to it with tight clothing.


Get your lips right. You cannot look sexy unless you've got some lipstick on. Sure, you can look pretty and innocent, which is fine if that's the look you're shopping for, or you can look sexy if you wear the skimpiest number you can get your hands on. (Who's going to look at your lips!) But, like we said, we're trying to look sexy yet decent. So make the most of your lips. If you're wearing all black or all white, you can get away by wearing a red or maroon lipstick. Don't wear a glossy lipstick though. Wear a matte shade, and cover it with a layer of transparent gloss. That always works better than glossy lipsticks. Or wear only gloss with a light rose or pink tint. Dark matte lips are out. Make it a point to line your lips and make sure there's never any lipstick on your teeth. Ugh!

Quality over quantity

Always wear good quality stuff. Even if you don't think so, believe me, quality shows. Of course if you have a good eye and some great fashion sense you can get some great bargains, but on the whole it's easy to go wrong. Pick up your causal clothes from the roadside, but for your formals, get ready to shell out a little more.

The colour red

If you're wearing a bright colour like red, stick to simple styles and good fits. Don't show too much leg or cleavage. Don't wear red from top to toe unless it's a red dress or you're Julia Roberts. Offset it with another colour. Wear red pants with a black top or vice versa.


Don't show too much of your body at a go. If you're showing cleavage, don't wear a mini. If you're wearing a spaghetti top or if you're baring shoulders, don't show cleavage. While a low neck looks nice, a lined cleavage looks plain 'cheap' it's sexy all right, but, as we said before, we want to look classy, not crass.

Bra straps

If you're wearing a black top with a black bra, or a green top with a green bra - the identical green you can show your straps. But otherwise showing them is a fashion NO-NO. Take pains to pin them up in place. We know it can be bothersome, but it's something you should definitely do.

In order to look sexy you have to FEEL sexy. If you try and hide certain imperfections, it's going to show in your body language. So wear what makes you feel good and confident, and watch your sexiness quotient jump up by leaps and bounds.

  • If you haven't waxed your underarms, don't wear anything with short sleeves. You will feel self-conscious every time you lift your arms, consequently reducing your sexiness quotient.
  • As mentioned earlier, pin bra-straps to tops with wayward necklines so you don't keep wondering if everything is in place.
  • Don't wear anything ripped in the hope that it doesn't show, unless you're a hundred percent certain that no matter what you do, your secret is safe.
  • Wear sexy lingerie. It makes you feel good and ups your sexiness quotient.
  • Apply perfumed body lotion on your arms before stepping out. It makes your skin moist, softer and will give it a subtle glow. The light scent will bolster your spirits, elevating your mood.
  • When speaking to someone always look them in the eye.
  • Don't hunch or slouch. Walk with your back ramrod straight.
  • Exercise, exercise! Exercise produces endorphins that make you feel good.

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Comments on Article

Name: Shantha K
City:   Chennai 33
Comments:   To look trim/sexy you can even apply nail polish to your toes and fingers. You must not slouch and walk - you must walk with heads high and talk very confidently.
Name: Soujanya
City:   California, US
Comments:   I believe being and feeling sexy is all in the mind. Right now am pregnant, and though I have put on lot of weight, I feel attractive even though the mirror doesn't seem to think so!! :) So begin with building your confidence levels and u will see the difference in your approach. Its all about attitude!!
Name: the unknown
City:   USA
Comments:   I totally agree with Soujanya,ladies!! it's all in your head! =)
Name: Stephanie
City:   USA
Comments:   HEY! i think that i need to go lingerie shoppign then!
Name: Rekha
City:   New Castle, USA
Comments:   To look sexy....try to be neat. Wear what You like and spray on a floral feminine scent, let your hair down or loosen. Apply a good nail color and a lip- shiner. Thicken your eyelashes and wear a mascara too. Keep your teeth clean and give a pretty smile and have confidence.....U r now sexy enough to take the world around U.
Name: Nisreen
City:   Dubai
Comments:   hey i totally agree with soujanya...she is right its all in ones mind...
Name: kelly
City:   uk
Comments:   hey u all know what your talking about i mean im nearlly 17 and i dont have alot of confidence so u all made me feel good thankz girls xx
Name: deepa
City:   bombay
Comments:   hi rekha...well said!!! shall try to follow up
Name: Felicity
City:   New York
Comments:   Rehka, you hit the nail on its head! I don't think it's possible to be sexy and a slob at the same time
Name: ashley
City:   mumbai, india
Comments:   to look sexy always try to be different. like u can chage ur hair style, ur way of dressing and may be the way u think. if ur confident people will look at u. and if u look different everytime, people will be anxious to see ur diff. look. a sure shot way to look sexy i mean not just sexy but attractive. ya but don't do it over make sure it suits u
Name: simran
City:   mumbai
Comments:   wow!! this makes me feel soo confident and nice!! ashley..i totally agree with u..tht being different really makes wonders..but more then tht i feel...juss B U'RE SELF!! matter wht the others feels...its u're feeling tht matters!!
Name: Bhavika
City:   Brisbane
Comments:   Iam pregnent too.I occationally do wear loose but nice coloured shirts and a light make-up.
Name: neelam
City:   US
Comments:   Self esteem plays an important role in feeling sexy. That's why I never let others tell me if I gained weight or wear too much make-up. Always keep in mind, if someone took time to make those comments, they paid too much attention to your looks and that in itself means you did something right. Always, listen to positive feedback and disregard the negative tone. This will help you maintain your self confidence. Always, take time to consult the person at make-up counter. Keep in mind they know the trends. keep up with the beauty trends and be confident in presenting yourself. If you think you can't mix and match cloths, don't be shy in asking for help. The chances are someone you know may have great taste in putting things together, ask them how they do it. I always try to learn from others. Hope this is helpful. Maintain your self-esteem at peak and never let anyone put you down...most importantly believe in yourself.
Name: mimie
City:   india
Comments:   hey,i agree wt rekha s ideas.
Name: melanie
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   Look sexy does not meant CLOTHED-SEXY. It's all about the way we bring-outself. It's all about head to toe issue in a very simple, neat and eligent manner.E.g. suitable hair-style, abit of makeup, nice shoe that suits the occations and so on. Nothing doing revealing.
Name: Diya Raja
City:   Pakistan
Comments:   it is superb
Name: Amanda
City:   bennington vermont
Comments:   this spider is great
Name: shivani
City:   brisbane
Comments:   hey girls good job just need the boost u all provide good friends thanx love u all
Name: Lovleen Singh
City:   Cleveland
Comments:   hey girls, to look sexy doesnt mean exposing a lot, u can look sexy even when u r fully covered. All u have to do is select an appropriate dress which makes u look like some classy lad with a lot of attitude. and if u think that u alone can not choose ur dresses , start taking opinions of ur dress designers. Believe me they can help u a lot about what colour to choose, what design to go for etc etc. And yes its true that if u keep on having the same style always, people will get bored with ur looks, so try to be different everytime. like bring variety in ur wardrobe:- pants, skirts salwaar kameez, sarees, indo-american dresses. and do u know that u can look sexy even when u r having two braids( for hair style). So get confident and daring enough to try anything with style. dont underestimate ur feminine powers. Good luck.
Name: Kate
City:   Brisbane
Comments:   I think all women are sexy and beautiful wether they know it or not... Pregnant women, well they are just glowing examples of how beautiful a woman can be, regardless of how much weight she may put on.

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